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These are my guys. They are gorgeous derps waging wars on bubbles at the surface. About a half-dollar body size.

This was their aquabid listing: https://www.aquabid.com/cgi-bin/auction/closed.cgi?view_closed_item&fwangelfish1600636791 Listed as "Blue Marble wide fin angelfish"

In person, they have pretty obvious pearl scale to me - it looks like they are made of tin foil in spots. They look basically like this: https://www.angelfishcanada.com/angelfish/Philippine-Blue-Marble-Pearlscale-Widefin-Angelfish-p138324847

Did the seller just leave off a few words in describing them? I don't know much about types of angelfish yet. 

Also - how much larger should I anticipate they will get before potentially pairing off? They are in a community 75 now but I plan to move pairs out, just thinking through when I need to have more tanks available.

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Even though I have kept angelfish I don't know much about varieties.

Pairing I know a bit more about.

Silver dollar size. That is using money as a reference pairing might begin as they grow past US silver dollar size, likely a bit bigger, and this where food can help.

Using food as a reference, certainly pairing is complete by the time they are silver dollar pancake size.

And when do you need to have tank ready? Sooner than you think!

I have some discus that were nickel size in July that are as big as my hand now, and a pair has already formed. Or least, the dominant fish has a special fish friend that he allows to eat from the blackworm pile, but doesn't allow any other discus to approach the pile. His strategy so totally doesn't work though because as he chases one hungry discus away a different one sneaks up from behind and eats worms.

I got some dime size angelfish from Aquabid 13 days ago.


And quarter size angelfish also from the same seller on Aquabid 13 days ago.


The dime sized angels are now bigger that quarters and the quarter sized angels are now bigger than half dollars. At this rate they will be as big as pacu by Christmas!

And as a side note, one might ask, 'Is he cycling the 1930s Historically Planted Aquarium with 20 angelfish?' Kinda of. I put water from an establish tank and some hornwort in the 1930s aquarium and added the angelfish (straight out of the shipping bags) about 20 minutes later. But I wouldn't call that cycling. 🙂



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I usually feed 1x per day of freeze dried bloodworms and hikari vibra bites (waiting on my krill flake from the co-op). Should I be feeding more, or just let them pick at their salad throughout the day (frogbit, plant bits)?

Noise warning, but they're so cute and charming. I got a pair of angels with my first used tank but rehomed them since they were in a 20 gallon with far too many other fish. They left behind eggs, which was a surprise. Other than that I haven't had angels since I was a kid. 

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Baby angelfish are so cute they make my teeth hurt. Almost like putting Frosted Flakes and honey on top of butter pecan ice cream.

I feed mine 6 - 10 times a day rotating with blackworms, baby brine shrimp, Daphnia, mosquito larva, Vibra Bites, and Bug Bites and other stuff. I have never them seen get full. They don't pick at plants (but would you if thought there was Daphnia just around the corner)?

They will grow faster if you feed more, but I don't think you have to feed more. Lots of variety is helpful.

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