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Found 7 results

  1. A friend just sent me this link to a video of these awesome looking Rio Nanay Angelfish and I thought I'd share it here.The colors and patterns on those Angelfish are awesome! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g9aX131lKM4&t=15s
  2. These are my guys. They are gorgeous derps waging wars on bubbles at the surface. About a half-dollar body size. This was their aquabid listing: https://www.aquabid.com/cgi-bin/auction/closed.cgi?view_closed_item&fwangelfish1600636791 Listed as "Blue Marble wide fin angelfish" In person, they have pretty obvious pearl scale to me - it looks like they are made of tin foil in spots. They look basically like this: https://www.angelfishcanada.com/angelfish/Philippine-Blue-Marble-Pearlscale-Widefin-Angelfish-p138324847 Did the seller just leave off a few words in describing them? I don't know much about types of angelfish yet. Also - how much larger should I anticipate they will get before potentially pairing off? They are in a community 75 now but I plan to move pairs out, just thinking through when I need to have more tanks available.
  3. A few weeks ago, I got this little guy from petsmart. He was sold as an "Assorted" Angelfish but I'd like to figure out what his coloration is actually called. I've done some research but the one that looks most similar to him is the Silver Angelfish. However, Silver Angelfish only have 3 stripes while this boy here is 5 stripes. What do you guys think, is he a silver? (Edit: Looking at the picture now, it sure seems he has more than 5)
  4. Bo, one of my two koi angelfish (the smaller of the two) seems to have decided he is the undisputed tank boss. I have found myself several times now scolding him for picking on his tankmates. He doesn't pick on Natty (the bigger angel) much, but seems to love speeding toward the Mollies and Swordtails to make them run away. I've got to make sure I keep an eye on the situation.
  5. My latest project in the realm of angels are five of these F1 Pterophyllum scalare 'Manacapuru Red Shoulder' imported from Germany. Fingers crossed!!!!! 🙂
  6. I got these 3 fish together (quarter sized angel + 2 juvenile Bolivian rams) a few weeks ago and I'm impressed with how much the larger male has colored up. The angel (visible in video) has a pretty stubborn case of ich that showed up last week so the water is tinted a bit with Ich-X. This is my 29G quarantine tank and it has 3 Aquarium Co-Op sponge filters, an AquaClear 30, a 150W heater, and a ramshorn snail. It's a pretty weird setup but is working for this batch. My main long-term concern is that as the Bolivians have grown, it's grown evident that I have two males (small, pointed vents) and they've started sparring even with plenty of silk plants to block line of sight and I may not have enough room in my 50 hex for them to be happy.
  7. Hey all, I have a 10 gallon that I have been breeding some rams. But my favorite fish is the angelfish. And I would love to breed them. My plan was to giveway my rams and re place them with an angel breeding pair. The internent said angels should breed in 20gallons. But some people have said that they sucsesfully breeded them in 10 gallons. My question is, does anyone have any experiance with breeding angelfish in a 10 gallon aquarium?
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