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Not even a full year into the hobby and I am a full fledged member of the aquatic life.  I have experimented with fish several time in my life but never even close to the level I am at now.  I have MTS or for those who don’t know multiple tank syndrome.  What started as my son’s tank has blown into 15 tank house.  12 of which are located in my basement in a concrete block rack.  My current pursuits are Cherry, Blue Dreams, and Bloody Mary shrimp. Also included are two stains of guppies and rice fish.  I have two well established planted tanks and tons of Java moss.  Would love to make a connection to a local fish store that I could trade with but still working on that.  My eco systems and aquatic life give me a sense balance that was lacking for so long.  I hope that balance can be a level I maintain.  

Many thanks Ted K




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