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Partial water changes in winter


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I have a 65 gallon tank. I live in an area where the winter is long and cold. During the warm months, I have been doing partial water changes of 10 or 15 gallons every two weeks, siphoning off water from the tank, dumping it in the garden, and taking water from the faucet in the back yard. In the coming winter, that will not be possible - temperature rarely goes above 20 degrees F, lots of snow, etc.

I was wondering if swapping out a gallon or two every other day from an indoor source would be OK for partial water changes in winter. I could put in some plumbing etc, to facilitate water changes in winter, but that would be a pain and an expense - rather not.

Tank is now about 3 months old, stable, well planted and not overstocked, ammonia level is fine, fish are generally healthy. 


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I don't see a need to change water that often, even in small volume. Keep an eye on your water parameters and check for Nitrate and Phosphate, higher levels will eventually encourage algae.

I change about 25% of water every 2 weeks but if to be honest there is no need for this as all parameters are good but by doing it I feel better and I guess that you are just like me. 

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If you have stability, lots of plants, and are under-stocked, you can go a long time with just top-offs. I don’t think I have done a water change in over a year in any of my tanks, and several have never had a water change.

This will not be an option for every kind of tank, but it works for my organic soil tanks. I only use lids for jumpers, so I am still introducing new water because of evaporation. I am also blessed with excellent water.

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