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  1. Mine doesn't vary that much based on the thermometer I have, but I have the heater set for 89 (the max) and after a day the temperature in the water won't get past 79.5. I'd like it to be 82 +/i for Rams or Discus.
  2. It is fully submerged. Set it to max - 89 degrees F, over a day ago - water won't get past 79.5. Maybe there is something wrong with my thermometer? It is digital - I'm going to get an old school style thermometer.
  3. Sounds like a good idea if you buy them separately.
  4. That sounds like an easy and flexible way to do it.
  5. FLFSG knows some stuff but is very opinionated and inflexible. He is also somewhat dishonest. He did recommend the AquaClear because of the ability to customize the media, but I suppose you could do that with any filter really - just buy the filtering media you want and cut to size, but I never tried it - maybe it won't work.
  6. I bought the AquaClear 110, on recommendation from Friendly Local Fish Store Guy (whom I no longer patronize) for my 65 gallon tank. I noticed the AquaClear 70 on the shelf, which is rated for up to 70 gallons ($35 cheaper...) , but FLFSG said 'you can never have too much filtration'. (That's somewhat debatable, but let's put that aside for now.) Now, with the 110 I've noticed something that isn't good: The output flow is so strong in my tank that my fish - black neons, black widow tetras, platys - none of which are very strong swimmers, shy away from the output spillage of that filter, which is so strong it means they shy away from at least 25% of the tank. I surmise that as my plants grow, they will also bend away from that area. Suggestions for limiting the output flow on this filter? It has a flow control button which the instructions mention, but don't explain how to use. I found some videos explaining how to use it, but it has little or no impact on the output flow (several sites have confirmed that it doesn't work). I prefer not to shell out another $70 or $80 on a new filter, and go through the mess of transferring the cycling filter material into a new filter, so what's the best way to limit the output flow on this filter?
  7. Closed top, room temp is about 68 or 70 F. AFAIK, that should not impact things - the heater is completely submerged and thermostat should adjust the water temperature, regardless. Tnx
  8. Note that Prime detoxifies ammonia, but your tests may still show that ammonia is present.
  9. I have this heater, rated for up to 80 gallons, in a 65 gallon tank. The temperature in the tank was about 74.5 degrees F. Over a day ago I set the thermostat on the heater for about 83 degrees, in preparation for some fish I plan to acquire that prefer warmer waters. After over a day, the water is still only about 77.8 degrees, although it is getting gradually warmer. Is that the expected performance for such a heater? Is this a safety feature of some sort? Will it ever reach the set temperature? How should I set the thermostat to ensure the water is 80 +/- degrees?
  10. Must be something in the water there...😜
  11. https://www.cnn.com/2021/07/14/us/football-sized-goldfish-minnesota-lake-scn-trnd/index.html
  12. I wouldn't buy fish there either. If you think they're worth patronizing, buy supplies there, but not fish. I think a lot of stores make most of their money on supplies, etc anyhow - not so much on fish. I'm doing the same with my LFS - won't buy fish there, but some supplies, OK.
  13. I think he makes his money from reptile food and fish supplies, not from fish, and he has devotees who accept his advice as gospel. There is a Petco nearby that gets plenty of fish business- it is freshwater aquarium territory up here- so I doubt he is too concerned about attracting new customers for his fish. He knows I buy supplies from him anyhow - he is right down the street and Petco is a 15 minute drive.
  14. Yeah well, as I said, in my experience corys are very hardy, but maybe that's not entirely true. Good luck trying to find out if they use the same supplier- LFS are often reluctant to reveal their sources, especially today, when they know you can probably go online and buy from the same source.
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