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Monstera vs Pothos

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Which is the better aquarium filter? Or is there something better than both? I know sweet potatoes are also good but what plant is the best that can tolerate a lower indoor light?? My fish room is in the basement and pothos seems to do great down there, same with monstera , I am wondering which is the nitrate absorbing champion though. 

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Sweet potato requires temps in the 80's, so I don't recommend it for most tanks, as a long term solution (it's fabulous with discus, however).

I think the better question is what kind of growth do you want above water?

Pothos will be vining and need supports and/or regular trimming.

Monstera will be bushier, and generate "pups" for propagation. Both have been pretty similar in removing nitrates.

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Sorry to revive a dead post but this popped up when I was trying to see pothos vs potato information and I figured I should update this. 

the monstera definitely won, by a mile, the pothos is growing very strong and is as thick in the stem as my finger, but the monstera is fruiting, has 32 inch leaves (no sunlight) and has roots that span 6 feet by 3 feet, definitely the winner for large tanks but I would not recommend it for anything shy of 200+ gallons just because the roots will take over you tank, I can add way more photos if there is interest, there is very heavy plant load in this tank with the monstera but even when jam packed with goldfish the plants keep nitrates to basically 0, it got so strong I had to add close to 30 pounds of crushed coral just to keep the KH from crashing and it’s really done amazing keeping the water “clean”. 



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