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Bristlenose fry grow out tank


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I have a batch of bristlenose fry around 30-40 babies, currently they are in a well seasoned 10G tank. Nothing else in take except some snails. I’m gonna be moving them to a 29G when needed. They are approximately 2weeks old . 
2 questions 1)How long before I’ll need to move out of 10G? 
2) my 29G is currently empty, I know I will need to make sure it’s cycled but does it need to be seasoned or can I put them in bare bottom and just make sure I keep up on feedings? 2-3 feedings a day?


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They can stay in the 10 gallon for as long as you can keep them in quality water.  The 29 does not need to be seasoned, just keep up with the water quality and things will be fine.  Bare bottom is fine also.


edit:  2 - 3 feedings a day and I'd also drop in a slice or 2 of cucumber, change the slices out if they go more than a couple days.  Many blanch first, I do not, I just use coop plant weights to sink them.  Between my tanks with plecos I'm feeding  about 30 slices a week, they eat all but the peeling.

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For the little guys, the French-style green beans are best. They have a hard time working through the bean skin on whole beans. When you talk about seasoning the 29 gallon tank. I'd have lights on it 24/7 to grow as much algae as possible before you move the babies over. They'll be very happy with the algae. Once you have fish in it you can go back to a normal light schedule. And 30-40 baby bristlenose can stay in a ten gallon tank a long time a long as the tank has adequate filtration. Around Christmas things might start to get a bit crowded, but you've got time before it becomes a huge issue.

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 for zucchini and cucumber, I use a zip tie around a rock. I just trim off the zip ties so there's about 3 inches sticking out and file the sharp edges off the end. Then just skewer the veggie.20210819_092506.jpg.a900e3497cf44ab09f86c313f1370580.jpg  



Probably not a good solution for beans however 🙂


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