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Another newbie! Hi!


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Hi everyone!

I am excited to be a part of this forum. I started in the hobby... about a year and half ago now. Still feel like a newbie. But after finding Aquarium Co-Op it has really helped my confidence though, as well as my love for the hobby!

Currently I have a 29 gallon and a brand new 5.5 gallon, both semi-planted(?), there are plants in both. I am hoping to add more plants to my 29 gallon soon, give it a revamp with somewhat of an aquascape. My fish are a bit of a hodge-podge. In the 29 we have 1 monosabae (who has gotten huge!), 1 golden algae eater, 2 mollies, and 1 mystery snail. I had a mess of ich awhile back and lost most of my mollies, I will soon be adding more to get a better group. In my new 5.5 I only have 1 ghost shrimp (poor guy was unsellable and given to me for free at my local pet store) and 1 mystery snail (again the only one at my local store). This small tank is really meant as a quarantine tank, but for now I have plants and these two cuties in it. 

I again just want to thank the Aquarium Co-Op for all the valuable information and ongoing work you all do! I have learned so much and am excited to keep growing!! I LOVE the Sponge Filters and Finnex Stingray lighting! Waiting on another one for my small tank. 🙂 

Wishing everyone happiness!

29 gal.jpg

5.5 gal.jpg

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