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Green water algae


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Having trouble with "green water algae". I purchased a device to kill the algae which worked fine; except it keeps coming back. I have emptied my tank and cleaned everything and even tossed the media in my box filter to no avail.  Must I clean everything with bleach or something in order to keep this from coming back?  I have cured one tank of this by doing the same thing I have done with, but have not been able to cure this tank.

Thanks for your help! 

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I use uv sterilization because of fry over feeding needs. Uv is a fantastic quick visual fix. It will not however correct the imbalance that causes it. Curing your tank by cleaning fixes it because you have removed all excess nutrients (debris from decaying plant/ food /waste) bleach is not not what cured it. I hope this info helps! (I am lousy at balancing tanks long hand so I run uv 24/7 on most tanks fish adore green water I do not)

inalso agree with @Colu about the light 

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