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Moving amazon swords

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So I have a thriving cherry shrimp colony (only shrimp and snails pond, ramshorn and trumpets that hitched rides in) in a 20 gallon. The tank is about a year old. The sword's have done amazing, so much so I need to move the giant one to a different tank. Setting up a new 75 gallon in next few weeks and intend to move the big sword and it's small offshoot into that tank and move the smaller sword (on far right)to closer to where big sword is now...how would you do it? All at once or move one plant at a time, would you move out as many of shrimp as possible or leave in? Never made such a drastic change and hoping to stress the shrimp out as little as possible. Thank you for your thoughts 🦐❤️🌱


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as for the plants, just pick them out of the substrate using care not to do too much damage to the roots. move them to the new tank, and fertilize. i would likely move a couple of plants, and let the new tank get up and stabilized before i moved the rest, and the shrimp.  plants will have little issue with the move, shrimp can be sensitive, so i would give the new tank some time first.

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