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  1. Today was moving day for the giant sword overtaking my 20 gal neocaridina. So far so good. I cut the big sword in half and moved it to my 75 gallon community tank. Added a crinum I bought at Aquashella Chicago to the shrimp tank. Water is a bit murky. Doing a small water change in both tanks today and regular 10-20% on my normal Wednesday. B4 and after of the tanks.❤️🐠🦐🌱
  2. So I have a thriving cherry shrimp colony (only shrimp and snails pond, ramshorn and trumpets that hitched rides in) in a 20 gallon. The tank is about a year old. The sword's have done amazing, so much so I need to move the giant one to a different tank. Setting up a new 75 gallon in next few weeks and intend to move the big sword and it's small offshoot into that tank and move the smaller sword (on far right)to closer to where big sword is now...how would you do it? All at once or move one plant at a time, would you move out as many of shrimp as possible or leave in? Never made such a drastic change and hoping to stress the shrimp out as little as possible. Thank you for your thoughts 🦐❤️🌱
  3. So...my hubby is supportive of my mts... mostly. Well, last night he finally understands my devotion to having that extra tank and filter.... Came home to a puddle and about 4 gallons in my 5 gallon crystal black shrimp/green neon tetra tank. AAAAHHH. Found leak but it is super low on the tank...so decided to just upgrade them from the 5 gallon to a 10 that I had recently used as qt for some new fish about a month ago that had no issues. I just left it running with some plants and snails... so moved everything in 5 to buckets... Drained the10, added new substrate(was about time for new anyways) put in most of the water, plants and rock, and filter from the 5 gallon, drip acclimated everyone. keeping the other filter in a bucket of it's tank water today and go get a new 10 gallon to start for extra/qt tonight. Will do regular water change on the 10/shrimp next week unless get a spike and fill it up slowly over a couple of weeks. Hopefully no losses🤞🤞....❤️🐟🐠🦐🐡🌱
  4. One of my neighbors put this10 gallon tank on the curb for trash day..tag on bottom days manufactured in July 1990.... finished walking the dog and ran back and scooped it up ...holds water......Going to re silicone it just to be safe 😉. Thinking about maybe a pair of pea puffers but we will see.
  5. Went the first local fish swap in my area since b4 shutdown. Came home with 5 of these locally bred beauties and a few other fish, driftwood, and plants. It was a good time. Can't wait to get out to more.
  6. Worm outbreak in my cube shrimp tank...Best picture I can get. I don't see markedly pointy heads or crazy eyes... but not sure. They are mostly on substrate and squiggle around in the water...not on the glass. Opinions? Edit...Just put a couple of young male guppies in... hopefully they will eat the worms and leave most of the shrimplets alone.🤞
  7. I have a one gallon cube on my desk with cherry shrimp and either do a reverse drip set up to do change but when in a hurry, I use a turkey baster (only used in aquarium)and put water in a container and check for babies before discarding water with a bright flashlight.
  8. I've never kept angels so not sure.... My Platys never seem to bother or be bothered by any other fish I have kept with them including a school of giant danios that race around constantly but I have seen them nip at mystery snails antenna so not sure if they would nip at the angel? My gourami are shy but I think they can be territorial sometimes. Sorry I can't really help😕
  9. Definitely some less than an inch long platys survive in my tank (tons of plants and places for them to hide in)...id say right now I have about 10-12 under an inch running around in a 75 gal......but not sure if endlers are more tasty to a gourami 😉
  10. Not sure about endlers but the gourami and adult platys get along fine for me. I always have a few babies that hide well enough and survive to a safe juvenile size to roam the tank with no fear.
  11. Yes. I have 6 dwarf gourami and some platys....in there. I figure they will manage guppy fry as I only get a couple platy fry here and there in that tank. Worse case...new tank😉
  12. Thanks for the comment. Plan was setting up a new community tank... guppy fraternity as part of a new 20 long as I've never kept guppies... Asked for 12 out of their tank marked male only and the rest are beautiful and definitely male... Don't know how she sneaked in there... I didn't add her to that tank because I knew one female would be pestered. She went in my plant QT tank for now... but my understanding is basically females are pretty much pregnant if w males at all and she was in a tank full of boys sooo.... I will move her to my 75 gallon community after QT but as I understand it, I will likely have guppy fry down the road because I have a female.
  13. @Cory @lefty o i thought so. As soon as took out of the bag I thought uh oh, gonna get babies I didn't really want I guess. Oh well more fish to love...... Thank you for the confirmation.
  14. New to guppies. This is my first time keeping them...is this a female? Was told it was a male by LFS but after looking at how to sex them, I'm not sure...My other ones are defintely male... Thanks 😊
  15. Saw a ton of scuds yesterday. Put this beautiful guy in yesterday to go hunting......haven't seen a scud yet today. I know that he won't get them all but hopefully will keep under control until the ember tetras going in here are out of quarantine and then he will move to the 20 long
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