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Found 8 results

  1. So I have a thriving cherry shrimp colony (only shrimp and snails pond, ramshorn and trumpets that hitched rides in) in a 20 gallon. The tank is about a year old. The sword's have done amazing, so much so I need to move the giant one to a different tank. Setting up a new 75 gallon in next few weeks and intend to move the big sword and it's small offshoot into that tank and move the smaller sword (on far right)to closer to where big sword is now...how would you do it? All at once or move one plant at a time, would you move out as many of shrimp as possible or leave in? Never made such a drastic change and hoping to stress the shrimp out as little as possible. Thank you for your thoughts 🦐❤️🌱
  2. Hi I have a planted tank with c02 in it and I wanted to rescape it. I was wondering if I remove all the plants from it and move them to a non c02 planted tank will they just get covered in algae ? @Cory Thanks
  3. I have a nice growing aponogeton in my guppy tank and a couple of massive water sprites in the community. The ws just grows too fast, i am always trimming it. The aponogeton is in a coop planter. If I want to make this change can I just remove the ws and move the planter to the other tank? Parameters are similar. How does aponogeton handle moves? Anyone near dfw need water sprite?
  4. Can I move a plant? If I want it in a different area in the aquarium would I harm it by moving it?
  5. Hello, So I’ve had my planted tank for about a month and a half. I have eco complete substrate and so far the plants are doing great. I have 2 cryptocoryne plants planted directly behind my dwarf aquarium Lilly. I dramatically underestimated the growth I’d get out of the aquarium Lilly and it has basically created a canopy over the crypt, completely blocking them from view and light. Ok, to the point finally... Is it harmful to the crypt to uproot them and move them? I haven’t placed any root tabs or anything yet as the eco complete still seems to be doing it’s job. So I guess I’m torn wether it’s more harmful to move the plants or leave them partially obstructed. Thanks everyone!
  6. Hi, I have some red root floaters, spangles, and frogbit that I want to move from my 10 gallon to my 55 gallon, but my 10 gallons infested with hair algae. Is there any way I can 100% insure the hair algaes dead on the plant before moving some of them to my 55gallon? Also, I have a bit of surface disturbance from a spray bar in my 55gallon, are there any floating plants that would thrive in that? I need some good plants to absorb nitrates since my tap water reads at 20<. What if I take the floating plants and put them in a seprate cup filled with tank water with an over dose of flourish excel or easy carbon for about 2 or 3 days?10 gallon10 gallon floating plantssuface disturbance in 55gallon. Theres a floating leaf to show movement.
  7. I have red root floaters that I want to transfer from my outdoor pond to some of my aquariums and don’t want to transfer any critters with them, specifically dragon fly eggs or larvae. I love seeing the dragon flies around my pond but I have a very strong dislike of their larvae in my aquariums. Does anyone have any tried and true methods to alleviate unwanted critter eggs and larvae?
  8. I recently (about a month ago) planted a Red Dwarf Lily Bulb and it has taken off quite well! I am looking at upgrading my tank size, however, and was wondering if anyone has any suggestions or recommendations for moving established plants from a set up tank to a new one? Thanks in advance!
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