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Storing used sponge filter


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I put a sponge filter with the stand onto my hob since i didnt have a prefilter sponge when i set up my 36 gal. I just got a prefilter sponge, took the old one out and put it in a ziplock bag 2 days ago. I want to get a quarentine tank set up tmrw bc we want to add furcata rainbows soon. Can I use that original sponge filter? 

Also before I switched out sponges I noticed i have seed shrimp in my tank. 

And another tank...the 20 gal just got the sponge (sm) removed today for a hob due to lack of clarity (still a md sponge in tank). So i have 2 sponge filters not in use but with good bacteria. How do you store these for future use? They are both still good.

Thank you for your input!

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If you put a sponge filter or a pre-filter in a zip-lock bag, the Nitrifying bacteria in the sponge will not die off if you also fill the bag one-third full with aquarium water. The Nitrifying bacteria in our filters do not need a whole lot of oxygen, they're microscopic.

If you do this with a cycled sponge or pre-filter, even as an experiment, look at it about once a week and you'll start to see brown masses all over the sponge, that's an overpopulation of the Nitrifying bacteria, and it's not a bad thing, but it can be unsightly.  

If you have an HOB filter, you can buy a filter brush that is basically a bottle brush with a long handle. You can run that brush back and forth up through the siphon tube, pull the brush out and you'll see a lot of brown masses on the brush, rinse the siphon tube out, and you'll see a whole lot more. 

If you allow a sponge or pre-filter to dry out, don't panic. When the Nitrifying bacteria died off, it left behind spores of itself that are reactivated just as soon as the spores hit water.



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