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  1. Added some new friends on Friday! A pair. This was taken on saturday. They are finally getting comfortable in their new home. Maybe I will be able to get a picture of both together. I was going to start with corys but the lfs said they dont always have bolivian rams in stock and these were a size that was easier to sex rather than if he spec ordered some. Rams are what I wanted to build this tank around so I guess its a good fish to start with. Maybe a pair of boesemani rainbows next? School of dither fish? Angel?🤔 I guess I have a few weeks to think on it while these beauties get comfortable.
  2. Added plants this week! Only shrimp and snails so far. Getting some brown algae on the front of the glass. We may start with some blue spotted something rather 🥴 corys. They are so pretty. The lfs keeps them. They are so pretty! Then perhaps bolivian rams. With the algae though I may start with an algae eater.(suggestions on that?) I also feel it needs more foreground plants. And if anyone could identify the single sprig of a plant that is enlarged that would be great! It must have gotten tangled with the hornwort! Thanks!
  3. Well....I did nothing! I checked parameters yesterday and nitrites were nil!!🎉🎉 thanks so much for the help @Pizzafan @Guppysnail
  4. @ChemBobI have figured that out with the 20 gal! But I dont mind. I have a teenager and an 11yo to help out!😁 🤣
  5. Thank you much! This is helpful! Its so hard to not just run out and fill the tank with everything I want. And NOW!! Plant first, I keep telling myself! Thanks again!
  6. Thanks @ChemBob when you say smaller school, you think 6-8 is appropriate for a smaller school? If we decide to go with an angel i would want enough of a school so no one gets pestered. I will do more reading on the pencil fish. Thanks
  7. This is beautiful!! Love the shrimp! They are a joy to watch and amazing how they multiply! Nice job!
  8. @Jungle Fanyes thank you! I have cherry shrimp in there now. I will return them to the 20 gal. most likely. Son was interested in bambo shrimp poss. I feel like most fish on our list may make a snack of shrimp. I would love the larger rainbows. May be a good reason (excuse) for a larger tank🤷‍♀️🤣 Thanks again!
  9. The acrylic 36 gal is cycled. A little bare on the plants. That is the next step. Easy beginner plants. But first i have to figure out these fish swimming in my head! Anyone else make lists like this?? My end result plan is for apistogrammas. Dwarf cichlids. Not german rams however. I love all these schooling fish but i cant have them all! How many species of schooling fish? What combo would you like to see in a tank of 36 gal with the species on my list? Originally my son wanted the golden wonder killifish, pencil fish and furcata (sp?) rainbow and emperor tetra with the dwarf cichlid. We have possibly eliminated the killifish. And is there a shrimp that would work with a combo of these. Of course it will be planted much more before I put in the fish. We like to start with babies so the kids can watch the fish grow out. I have watched corys vid on the odessa. I know my tank may be a bit small for a nice school. thank you for reading and looking
  10. I cant even see them! 🤓 I leave it to my 13yo
  11. You will have a clean tank! Mine are great house keepers. My son smashes (sorry no offense) the eggs when he sees them and the other fish eat the eggs. In the morning when I turn the light on and see them on any of my big stones i will take the stone out and....sorry again....feed them to my chickens. I do however leave quite a few in. I do love having snails. But not a million😁 they are not harmful to any of my fish that i have experienced.
  12. I love my panda cory. He doesnt have a story though. Yours is a great story!! We also love our panda garra! Those are cute too!
  13. https://photos.app.goo.gl/K3A2Br6bAC1wgea87
  14. I already fed the wcm. My poor panda garra can never eat in peace! I feed the top feeders first then throw down several wafers. These greedy lil fish have to go for the same one! They refuse to search for the others that fell only inches away. They are so fun to watch! I tried adding the video with url using my google photos bc when i tried attatching using the file button it said it was too large or not the right format. Still learning......
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