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Hi all, I’m looking into starting a pond for a year round fish pond it can get into single digits where I live. I am thinking I will want a pump for water flow and aeration in the winter when ice may cover. Is there anything I should know about this that may be an issue? I was also curious how necessary a heater will be to keep the fish alive/ reduce the amount of ice that may form. I am planning on stocking white clouds, rainbow shiners, or rice fish as of right now.

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I have 2 goldfish in mine, and they overwinter just fine. I use a stock tank heater that floats on top to keep it from icing over. The fish just go dormant when it gets to cold. Don't feed them when they do that.

There's some pretty good pond info in here, and some real experienced pond keepers that I'm sure will chime in with tips...

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