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  1. What fish do you keep them in? A community setting or just like white clouds above them?
  2. So I was curious on how rare females are in Hillstream loaches. Should I buy more than 6 if I’m searching for a a pair or should that be enough to atleast get one female with luck. Just curious on other people’s experiences with this fish!
  3. Hi all, I am in need of replacing my light and I want an easy option I don’t have any demanding plants just low light ones ( anubias, Java fern, hornwort) I was curious if anybody has any shop lights or if I should just go with a Finnex stingray 48” I’m not too picky I have Finnex stingrays and love them, but wanna try maybe the super budget options that still grow plants I’m not afraid to scrub some algae;)
  4. Hi all, my ph ranges from 7.4-7.6 with harder water (260ppm+) I do not have a way to purchase any apistogramma locally. That being said I would like to breed something new to me and was curious if any like borelli, agassizii, or any other variations could actually breed in harder water.
  5. Hi all, just curious on everyone’s go to fish for the top part of the tank? Preferably peaceful fish!
  6. Hi all, I have seen many different preferences on what conditions for a tank to keep angelfish in and I’m curious on other people’s opinions. I have heard nothing under 18 in depth, 40 breeder is too shallow, a 29 is fine, but with all of this I am not looking for a community but maybe a pair and then a bottom feeder to clean up after them. What are ideal conditions for raising angelfish.
  7. Thank you very much exactly what I was looking for!
  8. Hi all, I am looking at a way to switch up my use of air and curious on when I should consider a Linear air piston pump a reasonable idea to possible cut down on electricity usage and to still provide air to my tanks. I have 6 tanks 3 being 10g a 20 tall a 35 and a 55 all having sponge filters. Any tips or info on the pump in this way is appreciated!
  9. Hi all, I am interested in keeping different fish than live bearers and actually have them breed. However, my water is hard like (300 ppm) and high ph 8. I’m not 100% sure, but have heard some species like panda corydoras and a lot of fish that prefer lower ph will live in hard water with high ph, but if they ever do spawn the eggs will be no good. And as I have researched a lot of fish I want to keep like a Apistogramma and rams prefer neutral to softer water. So my solution or potential would be to get a RODI system and mix with my water so that I could have a ton of success with other fish. Is this simply the most efficient route to go about my water? Or am I overlooking something simple.
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