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Bristlenose aggression

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Hello all,

I have a bristlenose pleco that is being a bit of a problem child. He (he is starting to grow his bristles) is getting aggressive with my bronze corydoras. He usually chases them when I feed the tank, but as soon as he starts eating he stops caring so much that they can even eat the algae wafer that's in his mouth. He also puffs his spikes out and chases them when I put in some zucchini for him, which the corys show zero interest in. I've been noticing a few split fins in my corys, and I have had one in a hospital tank recovering from an eye injury/infection and fin rot which I now think I can blame on the pleco.

Has anyone else experienced  such aggression from a BN, and do you guys think I might just be a puberty thing (like I said, he's just started growing in his bristles) and he'll settle down soon?

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I’ve had mostly very good experiences with BNPs. If aggressive, they tend to target con-specific fish in the aquarium. Other catfish (e.g. corydoras) are more likely a target than ... say ... guppies.

I’ve found that BNPs really benefit from wood in their tank. If you don’t have any in, I suspect that could be a game changer for you.

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I've had 1 especially aggressive female who could not get along with anyone in the tank. She charged at any fish that got close to her. I moved her from my peaceful 55g to my 75G South and Central American cichlid tank and she fits right in. The rest of my BN plecos have been incredibly peaceful. 

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