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Any idea what these are?

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We noticed today these very very small critters on the glass in our betta 2.5 gallon tank.  Any thoughts about what they might be? 

The only plants in this tank are anubias nana petite that we got from ACO several weeks back.  We haven't added our removed anything since then. 

Our parameters are solid, listed below.  

Ph 7.2

No ammonia 

No nitrites 

Nitrates at about 30


This is a fairly established tank. The only thing of note is that we had an algae bloom that recently died off.

Any thoughts would be helpful



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On 7/10/2021 at 3:28 PM, CalmedByFish said:

Doesn't look at all like a snail to me. Search for images of "limpet." Might be it.

I think you are right.  Thank you! 

Well,  since they are not harmful to my betta, and since he is a jerk to anything else that tries to clean his tank.... guess who has new tank mates!  😆

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