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Finrot in betta fish


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Hi y’all, I’d been keeping track of my betta healing from finrot in my journal but now I think I need help for him. 

I rescued him from a tank full of male gouramis that had been beating him up, so I wasn’t too surprised when I posted a photo of him and someone pointed out the clear edges to his fins meant he was recovering from finrot. He seemed to be recovering well, his fins were getting colour back and the raggedy edges were disappearing, but yesterday I noticed quite a bit of discolouration in his fins and it’s getting worse. 

Unfortunately I leave for a week tomorrow morning, and I could only find someone willing to feed the fish but they’re not comfortable treating any with meds. 

The betta is currently in a 15g planted tank with zebra danios & albino corydoras. He’s very happy in it so I’m not sure if I want to risk stressing him out by moving him into the bare 6g quarantine tank & treating with salt for the week I’m away. Would there be more risk if I keep him in the community tank for another week, and wait to put him into the quarantine tank as soon as I get home? Should I treat the whole community tank with salt and hope for the best? 

The main issue with the quarantine tank is that it’s new (the old one cracked) and not cycled yet. 

Any advice would be much appreciated, thank you. 

Photo from last Friday

Temperature: 26 Celsius 

PH: 7.3 

Nitrate: 40 

Nitrite: 3 

KH: 40 

GH: 150 


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