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  1. A few days ago, Grume developed a few small pinholes, maybe 1-2 of them, which I figured could be from his consistent clumsiness. However, two days later (yesterday), they were worsening. Today, I noticed thin white strings on his fins, though they’ve since fallen off from his wiggles. There are no behavioral changes, signs of stress, or anything similar, thankfully. I preformed a 40% water change, and noticed that the black spore-like dots on my driftwood now has a black jellyfish-looking fungus on it, growing on the underside. I plucked off the emerged fungus I could spot off of the driftwood. After, I added a dose of Kanaplex, which I’ll continue with, as per the instructions. Grume has handled Kanaplex well in the past, when I first quarantined with it as part of his Quarantine medications, so I opted to use this, instead of trying to wait for a medication to arrive by mail (although I ordered Maracyn just in case), since I’m 90% bedridden and am unable to leave the house and drive. My worry, which is why I’m creating this post, is about the black spores. They’re solid, they withstood multiple boilings, and since they’re now suddenly erupting with the fungus, I’m unsure if the Kanaplex would actually be able to go through the spores’ shelling. I have a photo of a younger looking fungus I missed, although it’s dark and difficult to see it. I’ve been plucking these off, and they’re squishy, float, and anchor to the wood extremely strongly. Given the state of the driftwood, would it be better to scrap it, once I finish the Kanaplex doses? Or, is there a different approach. I suspect this could have resulted from a light change, as my Finnex light broke and the Fluval light I ordered was much darker, which triggered a large algae bloom as well. Perhaps the fungal spores responded to the light change, ending their dormancy. I’ve since added a new Finnex light yesterday.
  2. I got Hugo on Janurary 25th 2021, here is a picture of the day I got him: Overtime he quickly develepoed a water dog personality and became one of my favorite fish. Unforatnetley in late Feburary of 2021 I started seeing signs of finrot, I treated it and thought it was all gone so I put him back in the main display tank. However about a week later I noticed it most defentley was not gone and it had appeared to get a lot worse. From this point on his finrot only develeped and got worse and worse. With being in Canada fish medications are incredibly hard to come by and when you do see them its about double maybe triple the price then what it should be. The only medications I could find were salt. I used salt for about a week and noticed he got dramatically worse and the salt was defentley not helping if anytning making it worse. However over the course of a few weeks I let him rest with 0 medications in the water and it seemed to help. So his fins started growing back. It wasn't until earlier this month I started seeing signs of finrot again. I knew this defentley wasnt a good sign considering the fact that it was a miracle that he survived the last time. But as I did before I let him rest and monitored him. However over the course of the week he has gotten dramatically worse. I'm fearing his last days are coming. He has develeped severe popeye, and a small bump on his side. He is very week and lately has been staying at the same spot at the surface of the water. His immune system is obviously very week. This is a picture of him this morning: This morning however I saw him swimming. Usually hes been staying in the same spot all day long. But today I guess he needed some movement. He swims in little twitches but will still come to visit me at the front of the glass every time.
  3. Hello all, My goldfishes (2) are currently suffering stage 2 of fin rot. I have read the article regarding how to treat it but my parents won't let me buy the medications for them, so I have turned to with aquarium salt. I don't have that either so I searched up substitutes for it and decided to use Kosher salt. I just want to ask if anyone has experiences with using Kosher salt with their fishes before? Also, should I take out the carbon packet from my filter during the treatment? thanks for your time. -Ceci
  4. About a month ago my betta developed finrot and his dorsal fin had almost completely rotted away, i started treating him with mardel maracyn. after a few treatments of this, there was no improvement. i moved him out of his display tank and into a 10 gallon quarantine tank and started treating him with metroplex. i set the tank up as best i could. i had to but a new tank because my other quarantine tank was occupied with a betta with ich. i did take some filter media from my main tank and put it into the filter of this one to speed up its cycle. unfortunatly i ran into some health problems and i have been unable to take care of dat are much as i normally would have and could only get up to feed and medicate his tank. im feeling better now but when i got a good look at him he looked awful. the rot has spread down his sides and it look like the flesh is being striped away (its had to see in the picture but the fuzzy looking areas under his dorsal fin should be blue). the areas are fuzzy and there are no scales, and it seems like a few millimeters of flesh under the scales are gone. i dont know what to do. i did a 30% water change and started dosing him with neoplex. he is still active and will come up to me to greet me, although he keeps hiding his side that is the worse from me. he eats well still. ph: 6.8 nitrates: 20-30ppm nitrites: 0 ammonia: .5 ppm (normally 0 but my tap water has some ammonia in it) hardness: 100+ kh: 40 temperature: 78*c
  5. Temprature 77 F (25°C) PH: 8 KH: 6 GH: 15 Tank is up for about 2 years, NH3/4: 0 NO2: 0 NO3: 10-20 One of me aquariums has a fancy guppy with a tearing in hes tail. I was wondering if it is vin rot, or anything else I have to use something for? First it was one tearing, now he has two. This tank had salt in it for about a month or 3 ago, changed out by water changed every 2 weeks. (1 Tbsp of salt per 2 gallons)
  6. Wednesday I got a group of Red Eye Red Tail puffers from an online store. Two of them came with a white tip on the tail. I assumed it was fin rot and started treatment with Maracyn the same day. It doesn’t seem like the treatment is working. one of the puffers tails is about 30% white the other the white has worked it’s way to the tail body. I see it now on a 3rd puffer. Should I remove the infected puffers from the tank. Are there other meds I should use? Please help ! 37 gal planted tank with co2 (fully cycled) ammonium 0 nitrite 0 nitrate 20-30 ph around 7.4
  7. HonourWest

    Fin Rot?

    Is this the first sign of fin rot? I'm worried about the edges of his fins- I'm not very familiar with bettas yet, so I'm not sure if I should be concerned or if it's just how his fins are meant to look. pH 6.6 Nitrates 20 Nitrite 0 Ammonia 0
  8. Hi y’all, I’d been keeping track of my betta healing from finrot in my journal but now I think I need help for him. I rescued him from a tank full of male gouramis that had been beating him up, so I wasn’t too surprised when I posted a photo of him and someone pointed out the clear edges to his fins meant he was recovering from finrot. He seemed to be recovering well, his fins were getting colour back and the raggedy edges were disappearing, but yesterday I noticed quite a bit of discolouration in his fins and it’s getting worse. Unfortunately I leave for a week tomorrow morning, and I could only find someone willing to feed the fish but they’re not comfortable treating any with meds. The betta is currently in a 15g planted tank with zebra danios & albino corydoras. He’s very happy in it so I’m not sure if I want to risk stressing him out by moving him into the bare 6g quarantine tank & treating with salt for the week I’m away. Would there be more risk if I keep him in the community tank for another week, and wait to put him into the quarantine tank as soon as I get home? Should I treat the whole community tank with salt and hope for the best? The main issue with the quarantine tank is that it’s new (the old one cracked) and not cycled yet. Any advice would be much appreciated, thank you. Photo from last Friday Temperature: 26 Celsius PH: 7.3 Nitrate: 40 Nitrite: 3 KH: 40 GH: 150
  9. Things seem to be going from bad to worse. I could use some help from the FNEs (fish nerd experts 🙂 ) I have 4 male bettas, separate tanks. Since December, I have been spending 2 weeks with my 95 yo mother in Michigan to help her through a rough patch, and then 1 week back home here in Minnesota to catch up on all my stuff and junk. My husband feeds the fish sparingly every other day while I'm away to keep the bioload down. When I get home, I do my tank maintenance and then do once more before I leave. Still, all 4 bettas started experiencing differing levels of fin rot in late February/early March. Because it wasn't severe, I started adding catappa leaves and doing more frequent, smaller water changes while home. Two started to improve with tails growing back, 1 - Ghengis - held status quo, and 1 - Leo - got worse. I'm going to focus on Leo. I think he got worse in part because I added an Aquaclear 10 to the back of his 14g aqueon cube because the substrate was filthy, his nitrates were high. I had recently switched from one sponge filter to another and it didn't appear to be doing the job. So I added the hob to clean things up. Even though I baffled the hob, I think the flow may have caused undue stress and soon he was hiding inside his decoration and his fins looked much worse. So, I did a 50% water change and started him on Furan-2 April 5. April 6 I noticed his abdomen looked a bit pudgy in front. There was no evidence of pineconing but my spidey sense went off. I mixed 2 teaspoons of epsom salts in 1 gallon of water, and soaked him for 15 minutes. Then added 2nd dose of Furan-2. Today, April 7, I did another ES bath. This time, there is pineconing. My questions are: Am I too late? Should I increase the ES concentration for his bath? In some blogs I've ready you should do 1 tablespoon per gallon for 10 minutes. Others say to bathe them 2x per day. So many conflicting theories. Makes me crazy. Is Furan-2 the right thing to use right now? Or a combo of F2 with something else? I also have Kanaplex, MetroPlex, General Cure, and PraziPro. I can pick things up locally if there's something I should get. My water parameters are: pH: 8.3 (note it comes out of the tap at 7.4 and slowly rises; I use a mix of 70% well water, 30% softened water; not ideal but that's my reality) Nitrates: 20, but can sometimes increase to 30-40 Hardness (GH): 9 drops of API or 161.1 on the conversion chart Nitrite: 0 Ammonia: 0 KH/Buffer: 15 or greater than 214.8 on the conversion chart Water Temperature: 77
  10. Alright, My betta has been showing sign of what I thought was "fin rot". I pulled him out, treated him and put him back in his display. fast forward a few weeks he is showing signs of it again, but no I'm thinking "is that finrot"? I have dragon stone in the tank, and he has been spending a lot of time by the stone lately, I was wondering if because it was sharp it was messing up with his fins. I have read of bettas needing soft decor for there fins like fake silk plants. Does anyone have any experiance with bettas and dragon stone? I should also mention that the edges of his fins are uneven (why i thought it was finrot) but now looking closer, there is a tiny hole in his fin too, near the middle. Also there is a spec of red by the edge of the fin at one point. I tried to take pictures but none of them really showed what I'm talking about.
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