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Bacteria overgrowth??


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I’ve been doing a fishless cycle on my new tank for about a week, and today I noticed the filter is super nasty. I’ve never seen this in my tanks before and I’m not too sure about what to do. I put some water and live plants in from my other tank to get the cycle stared with bacteria, but now it seems that I did too much. Any advice on what to do? The ammonia is also pretty high, but given it’s a week into the cycle I feel like that’s normal? 

(Also the water is brown from the tannins in the driftwood I added).



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Don’t change any large amount of water during your cycle unless you have livestock but since you said fish less leave it alone.  Let the process happen.  I just finished week 2 and yes my sponges look crazy but it finally hit zero yesterday.  And the plants are doing great.  So just be patient and you will be fine. 

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