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  1. I’ve been doing a fishless cycle for just over a month, and the ammonia and nitrites recently returned to zero. So I decided to clean it today (hence the low water level), and it’s not even making a dent in the amount of algae in the tank. What can I do? Just keep cleaning it weekly until it’s under control? Should I add something like AlgaeFix? Please let me know! I have a fish that I’d like to add to this tank when it is ready.
  2. The glow-up has been so fun to watch. I bought her as a baby female, and I’m not sure if she’s male or female at this point (but probably male?). She was so tiny I couldn’t leave without her. 🖤
  3. @KentFishFanUK I was thinking some amanos maybe. I miss having shrimp
  4. @KentFishFanUKI’m planning on moving my betta into this tank. He’s currently in with my cories, and he’s been there since he was a baby. But now that he’s bigger I’m having trouble with him stealing all the food. I even try feeding them at night, but he still manages to eat until he bloats.
  5. @tonyjuliano ammonia is 1.0 ppm and nitrites are 0.25 ppm. I use the API freshwater test kit. I boiled the driftwood before adding it.
  6. My cories do that all the time. I once read that they do it when they are happy, but I don’t know if that is true or not. It just seems like the get the zoomies sometimes.
  7. Day 15 of my fishless cycle, and my tank had turned into a swamp. The water is approaching opaque, and my frogbit is getting fried. There is a brown film on the glass, filter, and heater. Ammonia is still pretty high. Is this something I should let run it’s course, or should I clean it and start the cycle over? I’ve never had a tank look like this while cycling. Any input/advice is appreciated. This is going to be my bettas new home when it’s ready.
  8. I don’t know about favorite (love them all), but it’s been particularly fun watching this little dude grow. (Still not sure if it’s male or female).
  9. I’ve been doing a fishless cycle on my new tank for about a week, and today I noticed the filter is super nasty. I’ve never seen this in my tanks before and I’m not too sure about what to do. I put some water and live plants in from my other tank to get the cycle stared with bacteria, but now it seems that I did too much. Any advice on what to do? The ammonia is also pretty high, but given it’s a week into the cycle I feel like that’s normal? (Also the water is brown from the tannins in the driftwood I added).
  10. The water parameters were good. Ammonia and nitrites were both at 0. Nitrates were around 10-20. I have noticed that the temperate drops around 2-3° over night, and then warms up during the day. Could that be the cause? If so I’ll go out today and buy a better heater.
  11. Every time I think my boy is on the mend, his fin rot suddenly gets worse overnight. I’m heartbroken and I don’t know what to do. I’ve tried salt treatments, stressguard, paraguard, API fin and body cure, Indian almond leaves, and regular tank cleaning. His tank is fully cycled, water parameters are good, and all his plants are either live or silk. He lives with one Amano shrimp and one tiny snail. I’ve had him for nearly a year, and it’s gotten so bad in the last few months. I feel like a terrible fish owner and I just want him to be healthy. Any suggestions would be appreciated it.
  12. Last week I got a new Anubis plant for my betta tank. I did a soak in a hydrogen peroxide solution, and have since been having it sit in fresh water. Should it be safe to add into my betta tank? I’m really concerned about possible disease transmission, as it was in a different fish tank before I purchased it.
  13. If you’ve been following my struggles to re-cycle a tank that I crashed, I’d love a little more input. Is it looking cycled? It’s been a little over two weeks. Everything looks good expect for the Nitates. I’m thinking a small water change, and then adding my betta back to his big tank? He’s been in a one gallon holding tank until I felt it was safe for him to go back. I tested ammonia twice, and then nitrites and Nitrates. I appreciate any and all thoughts! I don’t want to be too eager to get him back in his tank, and do so before it’s 100% safe.
  14. Hi. I really need some help. I crashed my cycle two weeks ago and I’ve been trying to get it back on track. Everything is going up, but not leveling off or coming down. What can I do? My betta is in a small holding bowl until I can fix this. It’s a ten gallon fresh water aquarium, with a filter and heater. Plants are silk, except for moss balls and frogbit. I’ve been adding tetra safestart and seachem prime. Ammonia is at 0.25 ppm. Nitrite is at 1.0 ppm. Nitrate is around 40-80 ppm. I’m really attached to my fish, and I’ll try anything to get him back in his tank.
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