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  1. I noticed the white things with like a gel like material around it on my filter then found a snail that must have came with plants. Previous post other thought the snail looked like pond snail or bladder snail. Not sure what else the egg like things could be unless it’s parasite eggs
  2. Found a bladder snail last week. I’m guessing these are snail eggs…
  3. Kess002

    ? Snail eggs

    Version 1.0.0


    Found bladder snail last week. Im guessing these are eggs?
  4. New plants 3-4 months ago so guessing came on them. What kind is this? It’s only a 10 gallon with a bristle nose pleco. Am I going to have 100 snails….
  5. So my son’s tank is over a year old and has been doing well. The light died for a week so I bought a new one and cleaned the tank. A week later it looks like this, was clear before and now has white spec like things. They don’t move, seems more like and algae. Thoughts? Do I do another water change or see if it clears out on own?
  6. Tank is about 6 weeks old. I’ve notice this white slime growing on this fake wood that grows plants. I forget name of it but it is from petco that started like green fuzz that grew cute bright green leaves. But also white slime. Any thoughts?
  7. Kess002

    Expel p

    I thank you everyone. I took betta out for two hours and treated whole house with Expel P then put betta back in. He did fine. It was the smaller ones on the glass that I was more concerned of being planaria. I did water change next day like directions say. I’ve seen a few detritus worms since then but not nearly as many.
  8. Kess002

    Expel p

    I could also put it back in its itty bitty petco container for a day
  9. Kess002

    Expel p

    I do have some live plants. So you think I should just not treat it? The betta eats the detritus worms but the smaller flecks that are on the glass it does not.
  10. Kess002

    Expel p

    I’m about to treat my 6 week old 10 gallon aquarium with one betta for worms and I think planaria. I don’t have a hospital tank. Can I just dose the aquarium with the betta in it. I don’t want to kill my daughters new pet?
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