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Found 19 results

  1. What is the fuzzy white stuff on my mopani wood? Any fish that will eat that or any solution to help with that (I wanted to get corydoras for fun but maybe they can help with that)? Is it bad for my tank? It's a 10-gallon with a betta fish and 6 ember tetras. A tiny bit of floating pearl weed (planning to get lots of frog bit soon). My betta has been making bubble nests for a few days in a row now, and he looks lively and happy, just as the tetras do. The tank is 1 month old.
  2. Hi everyone! I set up a new planted tank about 5 days ago and now there are some of these white strings on the wood and plants. Picture attached. I’m thinking it’s some sort of algae or bacteria. Any idea what this is? And if it’s a problem? it’s likely fine and will take care of itself. I’m doing regular water changes. My amonia and nitrites are 0, nitrates between 10-20, ph is 7.2, and temperature at 74. Dose with easy green. thank you!
  3. I am setting up an aquarium whis has been cycling for 3 weeks now added plants last week and spider wood this weekend I boiled the wood for 2 hours and after 2 days it has this "jelly" ghostly grey haze all around the wood. It gives the tank a 👻 look Not sure how to link image
  4. Hello I have a couple questions. 1. My plant has what looks to be roots growing off of it. Can I just cut the branch off and stick it in the substrate to keep propagating? 2. Can anyone help me identify these with sting’s on my decoration and what I should do with it? Thank you in advance
  5. New tank. Zero ammonia, nitrite, nitrate. Just 2 fishes: oscar + pleco. Help is much appreciated. Thanks!
  6. I bought the black air line tubing and it works. My concern is this "white" build up that seems to only affect the tubing. I don't see it anywhere else inside my tank. It comes off easily when I'm cleaning but, builds back up quickly. I'm thinking mineral/calcium deposits like you find on the rim of the tank after a while? I do get that kind of build up on the rubber gray connectors on on my canister intake/output hoses. Insights always appreciated.
  7. Hi, so this is my first time getting a planted aquarium, and I was wondering weather or not this sort of "patch" on the glass is normal? There isn't any flow Also could this "worm" next to the snail eggs be a flatworm or planaria? Thanks!
  8. Hi all, Is someone able to identify what this white stuff is that is on my driftwood? Is it bad? What do I do about it?
  9. Howdy! A few days ago (Feb. 16th) I setup my first planted tank. (Fluval Spec V 5 gallons) I used fluval stratum substrate and bought some plants along with easy green from the co-op. After letting the tank sit for 24 hours I did a half pump of easy green, I'm not sure if that was too soon or not but I wanted to make sure the plants had some food. This morning when I checked on the tank to my surprise I found this piece of driftwood enveloped in a white/translucent film. After some googling and poking around for info I'm assuming this is a biofilm from bacteria? Is this stuff anything to worry about? Should I attempt to remove it? There's no livestock in the tank, just the plants. I just wanted to make sure it isn't going to harm the plants etc. (its covering some of the golden anubias roots) I boiled the piece of driftwood for 15 minutes before initially putting it in the tank. I tested the water today and here are the parameters: (Ph: 6.4 Ammonia: 0.25ppm Nitrite: 2.0ppm Nitrate: 5.0ppm) (My tap water has around 5.0ppm Nitrates on its own)
  10. Is this algae, and how should I get rid of it, or is it ok to leave it.
  11. This tank has been up and running just over 2 months, 55 gal, substrate is a mixture of ecocomplete, gravel, and sand, planted with about 10 Java fern bunches, Java moss, 3 banana plants, 2 dwarf aquarium Lily bulbs. Temp is currently at 78, ammonia, nitrites are 0; nitrates are <10 (I’ve always had trouble getting nitrate levels even to a readable level in this tank). currently stocked with 3 Amazon puffers. I have this white bio-film, or fungus recurring, even after scrubbing it off a couple times. At first it was just on the drift wood and now it’s covering the moss. im less worried about the aesthetic, but will it choke out the Java moss? I can scrub it off the wood with a toothbrush, but how do I manually remove it from the moss? Using shrimps and snails to remove it is not really an option bc of the puffers. Thanks in advance!
  12. I recently put spider wood in my 10 gallon aquarium and it's starting to grow a white fuzz on it. What is it and how do I get rid of it?
  13. I was doing a cleaning on my tank today and discovered a sticky, I mean real sticky residue on several of the filter parts (uptake tubes, filter water return, etc)...It was almost impossible to remove from either the parts or my hands... Can anyone give me an idea what this might be and the best way to not only combat it, but to easily remove it when it occurs? Many thanks...
  14. I bought these bulbs recently and followed the instructions on their description when I got them Saturday January 16 and it hasn't been that long before they started growing this white stuff on it can someone please inform me if this is mold? And if it is should I see about getting new ones or will these ones be fine? My tank parameters: Fresh ph: 6.0 Nitrate: 40ppm Nitrite: 0ppm Kh: 0ppm Gh: 30 ppm Ammonia: 0
  15. I got some BacterAE for my Rainbow Stiphodon Gobies. However, on the container it does not explain how much to put in the tank. Maybe it does but I just don't understand it? It says 1 daily measuring spoon but it did not include a spoon Anyways, I have a 20 gallon long with 3 young Rainbow Stiphodon Gobies. Anyone with experience with this product know the measurement of BacterAE I should be putting into the tank daily to feed these guys?
  16. I put some of my new Spiderwood in the quarantine tank, and the snails love the temporary white film that new wood gets. Right now they seem to prefer it to the algae on the plants, rotting plant pieces, blanched green beans & zucchini, Hikari Algae Wafers...go, little guys! Clean off that detestable nightmare slime!
  17. i noticed the following while layer on my aquarium substrate. its a new aquarium. is it an algae? any recommendations to get rid of them
  18. @Cory @Dean’s Fishroom @Bentley Pascoe what’s ur opinion on this? what’s everyone’s opinion? I read a lot of people say it’s good for the tank and seen other say it’s bad want to start a good topic on it ? Why do y’all love it or hate it? Shrimp and certain species love it and thrive on it correct?
  19. I understand everyone has Biofilm. But, how do you know if you have enough for shrimp? I feed plenty for my shrimp to get the left overs. My question is: how do I know if I should be dosing Bacter AE to produce some more Biofilm for them?
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