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  1. Hi everyone I have been away from fishkeeping for about 11 years and recently set up a 40 gallon breeder with gravel and driftwood. I have been doing a lot of reading about a planted tank and just received some from Aquarium Coop this afternoon and put them in my tank. I noticed while putting an Anubias Nana Petite on the driftwood this wavy ghost like substance. I have no idea what it is and am wondering if I should get rid of it or is it harmless. The driftwood was boiled and has not been releasing tannings and has been fine. Does anyone know what it is and should the piece of driftwood go ? I appreciate any help on this. Thanks
  2. What is this white filmy stuff and this white puffy stuff and is it okay for my fish? I’m in the middle of cycling with fish in. I just added seachem stability yesterday and today. I’ve been trying regular cycling before but nothing. The tanks heavily planted and has fluvial stratum. HOB filter and sponge filter. This has been building up for a few days. I did try food in cycling and it took forever to rot and finally had to suck it all out. As well as with the stability I’m on day 2 of broad medicating with the trio from co-op. 29 gallon with 19 cardinals and 1 betta. water ammonia - 1 ph - 6.6 nitrite - 0 nitrate - 5-10 gh - 6-7 kh - 2
  3. I picked some spider wood up and put it in my empty tank to get it water logged and this slimey stuff is coming out now is this fish safe?
  4. It's been a long time since I kept fish, and I've been learning a LOT on here and youtube. I had never even heard of shrimp keeping at all. My first foray with cherry shrimp was a disaster because I put them in a brand new tank. I have one survivor in my 10 gallon betta tank (yes he just ignores them. I have ghost shrimp in there, too). So I figured I start again with new substrate (CaribSea Eco Complete), live plants including java fern and some java moss, then some sort of sword made to look like a palm tree (see image), and boiled spiderwood. I did not know that I had to turn on the filter to complete the cycle that I understand much better now than a month ago. So it sat like that in room temp for a couple weeks with the LED lights on. I saw some white film on the water surface and when I started removing water it STUNK like sewage, omg....So I took it down to the substrate, took a turkey baster to remove any gunk, removed the spider wood and plastic rock formation. I did NOT remove the plants or substrate. Filled it back up and turned on the little filter, and it's done it again in about a week with white and orange film that smells. I read that white biofilm is okay, and I've had some in my and my mom's betta tanks after introducing spiderwood. But what the heck? Do I have to rinse everything? Start over? Put a bacteria medicine in? The substrate is really expensive and like a lot of beginners I've spent too much already getting excited. Oh, the tank is an Imaginitarium 5.2 gallon from Petco. Help! And thank you in advance.
  5. I'm noticing a wispy white web type substance (pre brown algae?) in my newly set up tank of about two weeks now with plants and a couple hardy Zebra Danios. It's beginning to form on small spots on the hard scape deco and a couple plants. I've been letting the tank "season" with Stability & Prime. PH = 7, Ammonia = 0, Nitrite = .5, Nitrate = 40 (I should probably do a water chg.) I've ordered Easy Carbon ...... Does this sound familiar to anyone? Should I be concerned? Thanks for any help
  6. Hi folks, This white stuff has been forming on the manzanita log. Anyone know what it is? Im a bit concerned. I've lost two otocilclus catfish in a week. I just did a water change, and now there are bits of this floating in the water. Did a parameter check, and everything is good according to the aquarium co-op test strips, including the separate ammonia one. Thanks in advance.
  7. 6.7 Betta cube, completed fishless cycle June 13th. The driftwood in question went through the cycling and came from another tank, where it did not have this growth. About 10 days ago I pulled it out, scrubbed off the white stuff with a toothbrush and peroxide, avoiding my plants and roots, a couple good rinses and short soak and placed it back. The white stuff came right back. It doesn't seem to bother my betta, but its a small world he's in so I'm concerned. I haven't seen this in my other tanks. The oldest of which is just approaching the one year mark, so I'm not that experienced. The tank is otherwise in a that "hey let's try out some hair and staghorn algae" stage I think is to be expected for its youth. LED that came with the tank runs 8-11am , then 1-5pm. The betta is my home office buddy, and I've had him a bit longer than his new home, about 8 months now. Parameters today: ph (7.2 by strips, I guess. 7.5 by drops? 0 ammonia, 0 nitrites and 1 nitrates (will be adding some easy green) Hardness I get 7 drops or 300 on strips, kh I get 6 drops or 150 on strips. Phosphate 1 (picture of tests is after the 3 minute mark so it looks darker). Both the nitrates and phosphate are now lower than my tap water so plants are taking hold I think. This scary looking white dotted webby stuff? Thoughts, advice?
  8. Any idea what this white powder is on my frogbit? I grow this frogbit in my 3 gallon cherry shrimp tank, and when it gets too much there, I move it to my 10 gallon betta tank. It is fine in the shrimp tank, but after a few weeks in the betta tank, it has this white powder on some of the leaves. It seems like once too much develops on the leaves, they become translucent and melt away. I haven’t noticed it until just now, and I did do a deep clean on my HOB last weekend.
  9. Hi guys hope everybody is well just curious if somebody can shed light on to me on what this might be small 10 gallon tank I started up and I put this piece of wood in there I got from a local fish shop the tank has been up for about a week with just water and lights nothing else and this piece of wood
  10. I’ve been doing a fishless cycle on my new tank for about a week, and today I noticed the filter is super nasty. I’ve never seen this in my tanks before and I’m not too sure about what to do. I put some water and live plants in from my other tank to get the cycle stared with bacteria, but now it seems that I did too much. Any advice on what to do? The ammonia is also pretty high, but given it’s a week into the cycle I feel like that’s normal? (Also the water is brown from the tannins in the driftwood I added).
  11. This is kind of gross, but I have just discovered a slimy type liquid on the underside of the glass where my light sits on top of my glass lid. A quick google search says it’s something called “Cyanobacteria”? I don’t know anything about it and would love any advice on what to do.
  12. I have a 10gal freshwater shrimp tank. Unfortunately I think one of the new shrimp brought in something that started killing off other shrimp. A white cloudy substance encased some of the remains. After removing as many as I can find, after putting in an algae pellet for the remaining shrimp, after about 12 hrs the same white cloudy substance encases the remains of the pellet. What is this? How can I clean it out of the tank to save the rest of my shrimp. I have ghost, amano, rainbow, and red cherry shrimp in the tank. I think it was one of the adult red cherry shrimp that introduced what ever this is to the tank.
  13. So I was admiring my Betta and I noticed this weird film on one of my airline tubes, but not the other? Any idea what it could be? I'm running two sponge filters so I can put one in my hospital tank when I set it up in the next couple of days. Also meet Pietro. He's got an attitude problem.
  14. I have a piece of IAL baffling the output of my HOB. I've done it this way for a while. But the latest leaf I just now noticed a white substance on it, and also a different type of film on the water. The white part is above water. Anyone know what this is?
  15. This is my brand new 11.3g AIO cube, set up for a little over two days now. This is the first evidence I've seen of any sort of biofilm or bacteria and I'm curious if someone more knowledgeable than me could tell me more about what I'm looking at. There are a few snails in here for establishing purposes, and I've been feeding them small bits of repashy omnivore. I squeezed a cycled sponge in the tank and the plants were from an established system, so it should be at least seeded.
  16. What is the fuzzy white stuff on my mopani wood? Any fish that will eat that or any solution to help with that (I wanted to get corydoras for fun but maybe they can help with that)? Is it bad for my tank? It's a 10-gallon with a betta fish and 6 ember tetras. A tiny bit of floating pearl weed (planning to get lots of frog bit soon). My betta has been making bubble nests for a few days in a row now, and he looks lively and happy, just as the tetras do. The tank is 1 month old.
  17. Hi everyone! I set up a new planted tank about 5 days ago and now there are some of these white strings on the wood and plants. Picture attached. I’m thinking it’s some sort of algae or bacteria. Any idea what this is? And if it’s a problem? it’s likely fine and will take care of itself. I’m doing regular water changes. My amonia and nitrites are 0, nitrates between 10-20, ph is 7.2, and temperature at 74. Dose with easy green. thank you!
  18. I am setting up an aquarium whis has been cycling for 3 weeks now added plants last week and spider wood this weekend I boiled the wood for 2 hours and after 2 days it has this "jelly" ghostly grey haze all around the wood. It gives the tank a 👻 look Not sure how to link image
  19. Hello I have a couple questions. 1. My plant has what looks to be roots growing off of it. Can I just cut the branch off and stick it in the substrate to keep propagating? 2. Can anyone help me identify these with sting’s on my decoration and what I should do with it? Thank you in advance
  20. New tank. Zero ammonia, nitrite, nitrate. Just 2 fishes: oscar + pleco. Help is much appreciated. Thanks!
  21. I bought the black air line tubing and it works. My concern is this "white" build up that seems to only affect the tubing. I don't see it anywhere else inside my tank. It comes off easily when I'm cleaning but, builds back up quickly. I'm thinking mineral/calcium deposits like you find on the rim of the tank after a while? I do get that kind of build up on the rubber gray connectors on on my canister intake/output hoses. Insights always appreciated.
  22. Hi, so this is my first time getting a planted aquarium, and I was wondering weather or not this sort of "patch" on the glass is normal? There isn't any flow Also could this "worm" next to the snail eggs be a flatworm or planaria? Thanks!
  23. Hi all, Is someone able to identify what this white stuff is that is on my driftwood? Is it bad? What do I do about it?
  24. Is this algae, and how should I get rid of it, or is it ok to leave it.
  25. This tank has been up and running just over 2 months, 55 gal, substrate is a mixture of ecocomplete, gravel, and sand, planted with about 10 Java fern bunches, Java moss, 3 banana plants, 2 dwarf aquarium Lily bulbs. Temp is currently at 78, ammonia, nitrites are 0; nitrates are <10 (I’ve always had trouble getting nitrate levels even to a readable level in this tank). currently stocked with 3 Amazon puffers. I have this white bio-film, or fungus recurring, even after scrubbing it off a couple times. At first it was just on the drift wood and now it’s covering the moss. im less worried about the aesthetic, but will it choke out the Java moss? I can scrub it off the wood with a toothbrush, but how do I manually remove it from the moss? Using shrimps and snails to remove it is not really an option bc of the puffers. Thanks in advance!
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