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Ich-X Not Helping


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I have three wild caught king tiger pleco’s that had a rough start/introduction to the tank, all three are covered in white spots that showed up overnight. It didn’t progress from a few white spots like it normally does so I’m not sure what I’m facing. Ich X is not working, I’ve been following Cory’s normal routine of water changing 20-30% every day and then redosing 5 ml per 10 gall. 

I did one dose of the med trio this last Monday as well.

They are all “swimming in place” pretty constantly which I assume is also a reflection of their discomfort.

do I need to increase the dosage on the Ich X?

temp- 82°

gH - 7

kh - 4

ph - 7.2





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It could be epistylis that is often mistaken for ich recommended treatment is kanaplex in food you will need seachem focus to act as a binding agent and mix with food you can also use seachem paraguard with kanaplex as long as your using kanaplex in food  to cover all bases the bottom pic is a Cyclops nothing to worry about

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