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Water Wisteria

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I add a plant weight and let the Wisteria float just above the bottom. Put it behind some hardscape and you’ll never even know it’s not planted. 
I think yours looks like it’s still in it’s emersed form. It’ll need some time to convert to it’s underwater form. 

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I use airline suction cups and put the stem end just above the gravel (too lazy to plant) it will plant itself. The main thing with wisteria....give it water and fish waste and it will grow out of control it doesn’t care what you do to it lol. If a live leaf breaks off and floats about it will grow roots seen it happen soooo many times. 

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Water Wisteria is one of those plants that will basically grow anywhere in nearly any condition haha. I have some planted in my high-tech, high light 10 gallon betta tank. I ended up buying too many and ended up floating the rest of the bunch in my 14 gallon cube that's slightly blackwater with dim lighting and it's growing like a weed! Tons of roots and super happy. 

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