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Hello from North Carolina!


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Hello fellow aquarists!

I'm Rebecca, a Canadian (Winnipeg, Manitoba) now living in North Carolina. I'm an author (novelist), a dog trainer, and an amateur photographer. I am fairly new to the freshwater planted tank hobby; my "oldest" tank is 1.5 yrs (and is doing amazing!), and my newest is 8 mths--I have 4 tanks thus far. I prefer nano tanks and nano fish, and I LOVE bettas, but have lost two in less than a year and am wary about getting another. I also love aquascaping and am getting better at it: please see the attached photos 🙂 I researched like crazy before even getting into this hobby, and I've learned SO much! I look forward to reading all about everyone here, and learning from/about YOUR experiences, and maybe helping in return! 


Flora with barbs.jpg

Flex 32.jpg

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