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  1. Hey I took some time to edit your pictures and rotate them the right way, hope you dont mind. No need to change the substrate just buy some root tabs and push them underneath all the way down to the glass. Looks to be probably a Crypt Wendtii or Lutea in my opinion. It also looks like the rhizome might be buried on that Java Fern. You will want to uncover that and leave the rhizome exposed.
  2. I personally feed for the first 3 to 5 days to know for sure the fish has eaten and maybe will put on a tiny bit of weight, then do a water change, and then will fast while doing the med trio. Ive lost fish that were too malnourished to survive the fast/meds so I find giving them a bit of food first helps.
  3. Anybody needing an additional endorsement of EZ Green and EZ Root tabs here you go. 1 month old photo and 3 month old photo.
  4. Haven't updated in awhile. Been busy with work and the kids being back in school. Also been pretty sad after my betta passed away. Lost the majority of the Cory fry but managed to keep 6 alive which is still progress. They are getting bigger everyday and actually look like Cory cats now. Also managed to breed assassin snails but that didnt take any intervention from me haha! I have added 3 5.5g tanks into my collection now for the purpose of keeping shrimp tanks and hopefully getting large colonies established to eventually sell/trade. I have 7 tanks total now. My wife keeps letting me add tanks so I keep trying lol. She is super supportive. Hope everyone is staying happy and healthy. Anyways here are some pics of the Cories and baby assassin snails that were out and about today.
  5. Anybody ordered the power head and have it setup already? I am thinking of getting one for my 75g but am curious how strong you think the flow is. I'd like the extra filtration power but dont want it to blow my plants all crazy.
  6. Great information already here. Dont hesitate to ask any more follow up questions.
  7. Wish I had this kind of luck LOL. Congrats.
  8. To echo the others here I think you will be just fine.
  9. I feed small amounts multiple times a day with 1 fasting day a week. The corys and plecos get a dedicated feeding once a day 30 minutes before the light goes off. I spend lots of time with my tanks when I am home thru the week and like to feed my fish. I also do a weekly 75% water change on each tank.
  10. I have this same problem so every time I do maintenance on the sponge filter I take the air stone out unscrew it and clean the pads to the best of my ability. It helps but they still need to be replaced eventually.
  11. Very nice. Always cool to see things repurposed.
  12. An update on the Cory fry. I counted 53 and everyone is doing fine so far. Feeding Sera Micron daily.
  13. Anybody else playing or still playing pokemon go? If so I need some active friends. Would be cool to add some fellow Nerms. 2993 0457 0297
  14. More photos mainly of plants this time. Pardon the dead hairgrass. It wont gravel vac out so I am holding out hope it might come back but probably not. That micro sword looking good tho. Berried whisker shrimp. Currently have 2 carrying berries.
  15. Promised pics of cory eggs/fry. Corydoras Paleatus aka peppered corydoras.
  16. I realized I havent taken any full tank shots and posted here sorry for the blur cant take focused pictures. Most of the plants below are either from the coop or propagated from said coop plants. Below is the 75g. PSO is out of control. Aquaclear 110 and large sponge filter. 23 Harlequin Rasboras. 13 Peppered Cories. 6 Otos. 1 female clown pleco. 7 Nerites. Ghost shrimp. Working towards a school of 15 otos but as most of you know they are hard to get thru quarantine. I've had decent luck so far as I've only lost 3 of the 12 I have brought home so far. This is the 20 Long I just setup earlier in July. It has 4 panda gara, blue and black neocardinia as well as 3 tiger nerites and 2 horned nerites so far. I plan on adding some Kuhli loaches and probably Dalmatian Mollies once the plants grow in some more. Not pictured is a big bronze crypt behind the wood. This tank was originally my quarantine tank. I treated some guppies for my BIL and they dropped some fry so it is currently a guppy fry grow out tank but they should be moving to their home soon. There is 13 fry in here almost a month old. Also home to some whisker shrimp. The ugly moss bridge was once majestic and beautiful until I left the gravel vac running unattended and it sucked all the moss right off. This is my newer quarantine tank aka the spongebob tank for my boys. It currently has 3 otos,13 ember tetras and 1 red racer nerite snail. Also pictured is the specimen container holding cory eggs. Bonus pic of all my COOP stickers. My anxiety prevents me from actually sticking them anywhere so they are stuck here using painters tape lol. Inside the left door of the 75g stand.
  17. I pulled the Cory eggs mentioned above in the last post. I put them in a speciman container with some methylene blue and an air stone. I did a water change this morning on their container and counted 21 fry already hatched and squirming around. It took me a couple of days to make the last update cuz I was sad but with death comes life. Hopefully I can do these fry better than the previous and raise them all till they're big enough to find a new home. Will attempt to take pictures today but they are tiny.
  18. I have a devastating update. I got home from work Sunday night to Atsadi laying motionless on the bottom of the tank. I have no idea what happened. My wife doesn't feed while I'm at work. He looked bloated but I have no idea how long he had been laying there. I know he was still swimming Saturday night before bed and looked normal. No noticeable marks or discoloration on his body. Water parameters were 0 0 approx 25 to 30 nitrates. Everyone else seems to be doing fine and there were even Cory eggs on the glass. I did a large 75% water change Monday morning to be safe. Heartbroken. My first loss outside of quarantine. Swim In Peace Atsadi.
  19. Thanks for the compliment. I got a cheap 3 pack of lenses on Amazon for like 14 bucks. The fish eye and macro are great the 3rd is just a wider frame which I haven't found much use for yet. I am hoping for better luck with the next batch of eggs. There's a few currently in the tank but not enough to pull yet in my opinion. I'm hoping a few more females will lay in the next couple of days.
  20. Root tabs are great. I do a checkered pattern once a month in my tanks.
  21. There is a store close by to me that has them for $48 a piece. I wish I could afford that. They are incredible looking.
  22. Not a YOYO. Looks to me to possibly be a Botia Kubotai.
  23. Forgot to update on the baby cories because its a sad update. Got home from work Sunday night to see they had all died. Not sure what happened but I suspect I moved them to early into the 10g tank. The water parameters tested fine but I just don't think they were strong enough yet for the move. An unfortunate way to learn but necessary I guess. Next time I will wait till they are larger and stronger.
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