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  1. Hello! I am grateful for the opportunity to learn from an expert. I have one question, which is the only one I personally feel is important: Why are commercially available Betta foods (pellets) so large, and is the size of these pellets an issue? I do not feed them anymore myself, because I find them too hard and too large. I feed easily crushed Hikari Micro pellets (in addition to frozen or live), my reasoning being, that if it is easily crushed, it is easily digested. Do you, Ms Souza, feel that commercially produced/offered Betta pellets are of inadequate quality, and possibly dangerous? Thank you so much for considering my question! Very kind regards, Rebecca Swartz
  2. Hello to all! I am noticing the telltale signs of potassium deficiencies in my java fern. I checked out the blogs, and yep, it's potassium deficiency. So I looked on the Easy Green bottle, no potassium listed. Then I read this forum post, and supposedly there IS potassium. Am I not seeing something that should be obvious? Potassium is literally not listed on my newest bottle of Easy Green, and the specs listed on the Co-op site do not list Potassium either. So I'm confused. (Edit: I have now done more research, and have learned that "Soluble Potash" is technically potassium. No one indicated that little tidbit in this thread. I'm glad I looked into it further; I learned something new today!) Thanks!
  3. I have a 12 gallon Fluval Edge. I have recently rescaped it, and decided that I no longer wish to have the Aquaclear filter in the middle of the tank. I am going to install a Dennerle internal filter, but I'm wondering if I need to leave it in to cycle, or if I can dump some Fritz's Live bacteria in, and it will cycle that way. I'm not in a hurry, don't get me wrong, I can easily leave it in for a couple of weeks, but I'm just curious.
  4. It didn't look that innocuous at all. I should have taken pictures. Maybe I will set up a tank without creatures in it, and hope the stuff shows up again, and then I will take Pics. The stuff that grew in my tank was literally thick gelatinous CLOUDS. It grew on everything. It did not dissipate or disappear, but I only gave it a month, so maybe it would have. I wasn't going to wait that long.
  5. I just broke down my Betta tank, for the 4th time in 6 mths, due to a weird gelatinous growth that literally covered everything...substrate, plants, heater, decorations...It would continue to grow day after day, after each restart, and eventually there would be a brownish film to the water. This tank was in my workspace, initially, and after two restarts, I moved it to my partner's workspace, right next door in the same building. Things seemed fine, but within a week, this stuff started appearing again, and growing. The final breakdown was this past Saturday and this stuff was like gelatinous cotton covering everything. I couldn't subject the Betta to it any longer, so I've moved him to our home, with everything new (I was not taking a chance on carrying whatever-it-was to his new tank/environment). He has done perfectly fine throughout. Has anyone ever experienced anything like this? And no, I didn't take pictures, it was so disgusting, I just wanted to remove the Betta from that environment. And if you had seen it, you would think he had been suffering for weeks on end in that stuff, but it grew so fast, that within two weeks the tank was covered each time. We decided it was environmental, i.e. air quality. I also work in a building across the way, and I put a tank in that space, and the water is pristine. I've never had an issue. Thoughts?
  6. Hello all! My Delta tail betta had been nipping his fins and tail. He's looking ragged. I have added a Cattawpa leaf, have limited his light to about 2 hrs a day, and exercise him with a mirror. I was thinking of being proactive and adding Maracyn to prevent any possibility of fin rot, but there are two Mystery snails in his tank as well. Will they be okay?
  7. Welcome, euscsey58! One of the prettiest fish I recently bought is the Lambchop Rasbora...They are small, about 1", and occupy the top third of the tank. They will school, but mostly shoal in loose groups. Really nice little fish. My neon tetras occupy the middle and bottom, and are approx the same size. I also have Threadfin rainbowfish, and they're all over. Bottom dwellers: pygmy corys...a hugely delightful little fish, which will occasionally school around the mid level. (I would not get a pleco, due to the waste factor.) If you have a lot of plants (relatively speaking for a 10g), and keep up with your maintenance, there is no reason you cannot have these little fish in your tank, though not all of course. Plants do make the difference. Good luck and have fun!
  8. The only thing I know of the Ozarks is from the original movie Where The Red Fern Grows...but it made me WANT to know more of the area.
  9. I am trying something different with a new 6 g Betta tank. River pebbles and sand. It's going to be a planted tank. Do I put the sand over the stones or the stones over the sand? I intend to use root tabs too. But what do you think? (I could also use crushed lava rock, what do you think?)
  10. I have two Waterbox minis, the 6 gallon, and they're beautiful. They come with a mat attached already, and they are put together so well. Waterbox is also having a sale right now on their minis, half price, free shipping, so check them out!
  11. Hey everyone! I hope this is allowed: Waterbox is having a sale on their 6g/10g/16g frameless minis, all at half price, free shipping. These are awesome tanks, I have two and am getting a third. Get yourself a beautiful tank, and buy some Aquarium Coop plants to go in it! That's also what I did!
  12. Hey all! I'm going to be setting up a (heavily) planted 20g tall and am wondering what is the best light to use for low to medium plants. I currently have a Finnex 16" (currently unboxed) and am wondering if it will be suitable for the purpose. If not, recommendations?
  13. Does anyone change their light settings with regard to Daylight Savings Time? Most of my tanks are entering their first, and I never really thought of it before, but now I am, and am adjusting their feeding and light schedule to reflect this change. Does anyone else, and if so, what do you do?
  14. Can you separate the male and female? Clearly that's your issue, so if you can separate them, and maybe return/sell one and decide to keep only males or only females, then your issue is solved. Obviously they CAN breed this often, since they are, and you didn't do anything special to promote that. With regard to the community tank, I couldn't do that either. Save what you can, and then separate. That's what I would do. Good luck!
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