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Dwarf aquarium lilies sprout?


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Is this what a sprout looks like? Also idk why the picture is upside down. Also sorry it isn’t the best quality, I put the bulb in a hard to see place100B1179-23EF-493A-8175-F2B7E7ACFA4D.jpeg.7b4dd1d9e8e120f53be78370409c0931.jpeg

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49 minutes ago, H.K.Luterman said:

I'm having a hard time seeing what's going on. But, if you're seeing something growing up from where you planted the bulb, I'd guess it's the lily. It should be obvious in a few days, I'd think.

I've had it for a couple weeks. Are the roots white? There is a tiny white thing coming out of it.

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1 hour ago, Fish Folk said:

Yeah, the white shoots should be roots. I think you plant it half under substrate. Roots shoot down, leaves shoot up. Just got half a dozen yesterday. 

(right-sided your photo...)


Thanks, rotating the pic helps. It looks like a root to me!

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