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Vienna Guppies Obtained


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Hey everyone!  I finally was able to find someone local to Aquarium Coop that is willing to ship some of the Vienna Guppies to the middle of nowhere Iowa. Very excited. Does anyone know of any videos or livestreams where the story behind them is fully told? I've heard the quick and dirty abbreviated version a couple times in the livestream and through other people. If there isn't great footage of the whole story, @Cory that may be an idea for a video (with updates on how they're doing in your fishroom). 


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Hey @Gigrantor! I echo your excitement - I just got 6 from SCAquatics who got them from Jimmy G. 😁 I also echo your desire to find a more complete "history."  I did some research and found this excerpt from a Daily Dose, not long after Cory brought them to the Co-op in fall 2018 (around 19:45)... 

I know they also came up here (3:41) in a video from last June -which Dean and Cory say was the first instance of the viennas being brought in to the store to sell...


And in case @Cory sees this, thank you for bringing the fish back with you, breeding them, and making them available to the community. It's such a gorgeous round tail strain (especially in a time in the hobby when big tails seem to be more popular)!! 🤩


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