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  1. Hey everyone! I finally was able to find someone local to Aquarium Coop that is willing to ship some of the Vienna Guppies to the middle of nowhere Iowa. Very excited. Does anyone know of any videos or livestreams where the story behind them is fully told? I've heard the quick and dirty abbreviated version a couple times in the livestream and through other people. If there isn't great footage of the whole story, @Cory that may be an idea for a video (with updates on how they're doing in your fishroom).
  2. Good Morning Everyone! Wondering if you all could give me some ideas on plants that would do well with just the roots submerged in an aquarium/HOB? There are the two most common ones of peace lilies and pothos, however I've heard those are quite toxic to cats. While neither of my cats have had interest in eating plants, I'd rather not take that chance. Bonus points for low to mid indirect light loving plants. Thanks in Advance, Grant
  3. Hey there! Semi new to the aquarium hobby. Wondering if I could get everyone's routine when they're quarantining with meds? I understand the reasoning and concept, however when I'm looking at the instructions for the meds, nothing seems to line up. Each has a different time period before water change and different amount of water changed. Whenever I've ready or watched people talking about quarantining fish it seems like water changing is hardly mentioned? Thanks in advance for the help Grant
  4. I like the new surprise schedule. It's like a treat at the end of the long work day to see you're going live. Can't wait to see the new location! Any plans for more collab livestreams with Dean?
  5. I was thinking of potentially wrapping that intake screen with a mesh bag to make the holes even more fine. But I wanted to come on here to see if anyone had any other inventions that helped them out.
  6. The only reason I haven't tried that yet is because a couple videos on YouTube were talking about how if you have anything more than a drip system, it'll overwhelm that overflow.
  7. I'm at work now, so this will have to do for now. I can update with other pictures later. Top left corner of the tank there is an overflow drilled with a threaded nipple, 90 elbow, and intake screen (Seen in the screenshot).
  8. Good Morning From Cold Cold Iowa! I have recently created a tank/sump system that has 3, 20 gallon tanks running to the same sump filter. One of the tanks is a shrimp tank with about 150 cherries in it. The problem I'm currently running into is the smallest shrimp getting washed down the overflow into the sump. Shrimp in the sump doesn't necessarily both me, but they've been getting trapped in the filter floss due to the flow. I can usually save them, however I would just like to remedy the issue. I've tried a couple of the overflow guards from Jhemco. This saves the larger shrimp which can't make it through the openings. Does anyone have any tips or products that they use? I feel like its a fine line between screening and clogging the overflow. Thanks in advance, Grant
  9. Personally, I would continue to do 50% water changes and test frequently. Test, do a 50% change, then test again. See if it moved the direction you wanted it to. If not, I feel like something is being over looked testing wise. If it did bring it down (theoretically by half), then something is adding ammonia at an incredible rate. Is that hang on the back filter running properly? What type of media do you have in it? Has that been overloaded or cleaned recently?
  10. I don't claim to be an expert, but I have an OK understanding of the nitrogen cycle. The java fern shouldn't add any ammonia, unless it is heavily dying and decaying.
  11. You're certain that your test kit is giving you accurate results? Have you tested the ammonia in your other tanks? What parameters have you changed in the last couple of months that could lead to an ammonia increase? Increase in fish, different fertilizer, different food, switching filtration set up, ect.
  12. Yeah I don't need mine quite that warm. However, some of the suggestions I've seen while researching are to use multiple, smaller heaters throughout the tank. Doesn't really apply to my system, but it may be the key to your success!
  13. I'm trying to maintain upper 70's. That makes sense, Cory. In my preliminary testing I wasn't covering the tanks, nor did I have the light on them. I was assuming the heating capability wasn't enough because it took about 24 hours to warm 5 degrees. I will give it a shot fully set up and report back!
  14. Ahh that's too bad... I've checked all of the LFS, but I may have to resort to fb or craigslist. Thanks Cory.
  15. This may be a stupid question, but why doesn't Aquarium Coop sell guppy grass? For how widely it seems to be used throughout the hobby, I'm having trouble finding it from a reputable seller. Sure, I can find it on eBay or esty, but why do none of the major online plant sellers seem to carry it? Where does everyone else source theirs from? Thanks, Grant
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