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I think what you might have are Rhabdocoela worms (they hitchhiked into two of my tanks on plants). Unsightly, but harmless and another creature that will work your mulm and substrate.  I haven't had any issues with them in a tank where I have breeding blue dream shrimp (other than my freaking out thinking that they were planaria or snail leeches of some sort).   When they first appeared they would cruise over the tank glass and decor in bright light with no shame- now that they're established they're 99% nocturnal.

Edit- I should mention that my Rhabdo worms tend to move at fairly constant speed, in fairly straight lines, and adhere to surfaces.  The Planaria that I've seen seem to almost float over surfaces, move with a lot of stopping and starting,  and frequently change direction as if they're hunting for things.

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