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Root Tabs Question

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11 minutes ago, Isaac M said:

@CosmicAshhole Fluval stratum would be considered an aquasoil, it is really light so I would recommend what @Maggie mentioned with poking holes in the root tab to help release the air so it will not float back up. 

I will do that! I just kinda covered them back up with more stratum when I noticed that trying to pull it out was a bad idea.  Thank you for the advice! 

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On 6/4/2021 at 4:42 PM, CosmicAshhole said:

I added root tabs last night and nearly had a heart attack this morning when the light came on and I saw white things on the bottom. 😅

i redid my 55 today, and had a root tab capsule pop up after a while. i almost always get them buried good enough, but it happens to all of us who use them.

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