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I find that as my 29 comes together my stocking "plan" is changing. My driftwood still isn't waterlogged and a few videos I have watched mention that driftwood can lower pH. My current situation is that I need to raise my pH so a Bristlenose Pleco is off of my list because from what I understand is that it's best for them to have driftwood in the tank. Still up in the air on a Reticulated Hillstream Loach but for sure I want 10 Cardinal Tetras, 6 Sterbai Corydoras and 4 Kuhli Loaches. Currently I have one Angelfish and one Bronze Corydora. 

Not interested in goldfish, guppies or any other live bearers. Love to have a Satanoperca Jurupari but my substrate precludes that. 

Any ideas for other community members?

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