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Water Diffuser For Filling Tank


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Python hooks are neat, but I found I just don't spend the time to remove the syphon and replace it with the hook. When starting a new aquarium and filling for the first time, I generally use a rock/stone to diffuse the water so the substrate is minimally effected. I don't worry about the substrate after that point. 

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MD has said his is an inlet strainer from a canister filter that he adapted. Dean's is from some unknown person who makes them with a 3-D printer ( I think I saw some conversation about it on here but can't find it).

Here's mine, not commercially available but pretty cheap and easy to make.



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1 hour ago, ccurtis said:

Aquaclear 110 intake tubes fit on the python hook and work well for defusing water. You can also put a sponge on it if you really want it to slow the flow and defuse more. 

Cool! Thanks I have an extra Aquaclear 70 tube, I’ll see if it works. 

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