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Tales of the 50 hex


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On 4/11/2022 at 8:43 PM, nabokovfan87 said:

What are the dimensions of the stand (top surface) and the stocking in both tanks?  You might even get away with a larger tank (40B or 75) with a divider?

It's a nice stand I saw you built, might make things easier for you if you go that route.

The hex has 12" per face (~59cm at the widest point) and the cube is 39cm wide. The stand's surface is 114x61. Combining setups isn't an option for me because my GBRs are in the cube and I'd also rather not rescape it as it has a great deal of crypts (tropica, a ton of parva, and my pink flamingo). The flamingo has finally quit being a drama queen after MONTHS of having it in there.

I'm planning to set up another rack within the next few months so I'm leaning toward leaving things as-is and maybe moving in some of my livebearers as dithers if he winds up harassing my rams too much. So far they've mostly kept to themselves.

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