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Hi all!  This is exciting.  I haven't posted to a forum in years!

I live in a suburb of Seattle (Not far from Aquarium Co-op).   Despite a Biology degree and a childhood desire to be a marine biologist, I didn't get into fish keeping until my husband gifted me with a 29 gallon tank for my birthday many years ago.   I happily kept a variety of freshwater fish for the next 5 or so years.  But then we moved and I had a baby so got out of the hobby.  I've dabbled via my son's 10 gallon betta tank and seriously got back into it a couple years ago with a 40 gallon tank when a friend of mine gifted me some fish when he had to move.  Unfortunately, while the 10 gallon survived an extended power outage, the 40 gallon tank didn't. 

Now that the baby is 11 and has his own dreams of becoming a biologist we've had a lot of fun collaborating on resurrecting the  40 gallon.  He has plans for his own bristlenose breeding project that we should be starting early next month.  It's been a lot of fun watching him research and discussing various aspects of fish keeping with him.   We've spent hours watching Aquarium Co-op videos (he's a big fan of Girl Talks Fish too!)

I don't have any great pictures of the tank.  This one is pretty terrible.  The tank is still very new.  Those plants have been in there less than a week.  I'll try to post something better later. 



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Indicate that this is a young tank.
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