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If you keep fish on the CARES species list, you can register them through the CARES website. You can add notes for how you breed and keep them to help other hobbyists along the way. Once you start breeding them, distribute them, so other people can keep and breed them. It's more or less a preservation through hobbyist program. You don't have to register them, but it helps. You can find an updated list of species on caresforfish.org

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Red-Tailed Black Shark: CR status


The species is endemic to Thailand, and was described by Hugh M. Smith in 1931 as being 'not uncommon' in Bueng Boraphet and the streams which lead from it, and as being found in the Chao Phraya River as far south as Bangkok.[2] A 1934 expedition reported catching a specimen in the Silom canal.[3] As of 2011 it is only known at a single location in the Chao Phraya basin, and has Critically Endangered status on the IUCN Red List.[1] From 1996 until 2011 it was believed to be extinct in the wild. There is no evidence that collection for the aquarium trade is responsible for the species' decline, and it is more likely that construction of dams and draining of swamps that took place during the 1970s were to blame.[1]



The red-tailed black sharks seen in the aquarium trade today are all captive bred.


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