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What happens to Brineshrimp eggs?


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11 hours ago, TheFish said:

Hello all,

What actually happens to unhatched eggs that accidentally get put into tanks that are being feed BBS?

do they rot? are they edible? are they a huge concern?

thanks in advance!

They eventually are consumed by micro life. However, it's preferable to avoid them in large quantities. If you let your shrimp hatchery rest for a few minutes once hatched with no air, the egg capsules rise to the surface, and the shrimp will fall -- especially if you put light down low, since they are photo-responsive.

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4 hours ago, CT_ said:

I've heard tails from a one legged sea captain wearing an eyepatch (or maybe I just read it on the internet) that unhatched eggs can clog the digestive system of fry and kill them.  IDK how true that is though. 

I have heard that many times, and I am not sure how true it can be. I have fed BBS to many fry over the years I've kept fish and I don't know that I can attribute any deaths to a brine shrimp egg shell. I'm not saying it can't happen, but its probably something like 1 out of 1000 fry. 

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