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  1. It actually works fantastic, my old hatchery that I built worked this way. You have two normal airline valves, or a three way valve….when you are hatching you open the valve to the air, and it bubbles right at the bottom keeping things mixed better than an air tube from the top. When you are ready to harvest you turn the air valve to the off position and open the second valve which goes directly from the hatch spout to your catch cup. once you have what you need you open the air valve and it will blow the harvest line clean and once you shut your harvest valve it’s returned to normal operation. It sounds complicated but man is it easy and efficient and as clean as you could want. here’s a photo of my old hatchery.
  2. Hello all, I just received my first non-DIY brine shrimp hatchery and my choice was the Ziss Artemia Blender. Now before I even use it I already know I’d like to make some upgrades to it including the popular handle hanger. I would also like to convert it to route the air through the drain fitting as well as be able harvest from it as well. I know it’s possible I’ve heard of people doing it but I’d like to see how exactly how some of you have accomplished it. Also, any other must do mods you'd like to share with the rest of us? TIA ,E
  3. Hello all, What actually happens to unhatched eggs that accidentally get put into tanks that are being feed BBS? do they rot? are they edible? are they a huge concern? thanks in advance!
  4. Hello all, Ok here's the issue. I have a single Scarlet Badis (Dario dario) that is extremely picky about what he eats. So far hes rejected X-treme flake, X-treme nano, Vibra-Bites, Bug Bites color enhancing flakes, and frozen cyclops. He does however love Baby Brine Shrimp (BBS) so i hatch very very small batches (1/32nd of a tsp) continually. Hes fed for 2-3 days then fasts during the 36 hours a new batch hatch, however hes alone in a planted tank and seems to always be finding little critters to munch on and seems perfectly healthy. If you aren't familiar with them they he is less than 3/4" long and has a truly small mouth. My problem is its very hard to keep BBS alive for the several days it takes for him to consume all of them even though i hatch very small batches. not only that but hes just so small that he cant consume the .5ml of BBS I usually feed. so they end up dying off and hopefully eaten by my Amano and not sucked into the sponge filter. So here are my questions: Does any one have any tricks to getting Darios on frozen or prepared foods? Is there a freshwater alternative to BBS that i can feed and leave for him to hunt as he gets hungry and wont die in a matter of hours like BBS? Can Daphnia be hatched from eggs and fed like BBS? (I know Daphnia cultures can be maintained, gut loaded and fed but i understand them to be difficult to maintain and almost certainly need a large amount of water, sun, and green water to succeed and even then they can easily crash.) Is there a worm or small crustacean or anything like that I can culture in freshwater for him? I know this is oddly specific but maybe others are also having the issue and I figured this group would be a great shot at getting some guidance. Thanks in advance!
  5. I have one Scarlet Badis who show no interest in anything but live food and I try to hatch 1/64tsp of eggs in a 1L hatchery. they hatch in about 36-48hrs but the water starts to cloud and foul around day 4. I'm always trying to figure out how to keep them longer because he simply cant eat enough fast enough. 😕 I'm really interested in trying to hatch daphnia instead since they can be hatched and dumped into his tank and live in freshwater while he can hunt them as hes hungry but i cant find any info on how to accomplish this or even where to find cysts to hatch from. but that's the current research project i have haha
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