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How do I make my betta eat frozen daphnia?

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I have three different kinds of food for my betta fish, Aurora. Xtreme Aquatic Foods Krill Flakes, Xtreme Aquatic Foods Betta Semi-Floating Pellets, and Frozen Daphnia. When I try sprinkling some frozen daphnia in the tank, he doesn't seem to notice it as food. The corycats are eagerly eating the daphnia---which was meant to be for Aurora. I don't know what I'm doing wrong---


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I'm assuming the daphnia is sinking which is why your corycats get it but not your betta fish. In my experiance with bettas is that they dont like eating sinking foods and usually wont touch it.

When I feed Hugo Frozen Blood Worms, I make sure that they are partially defrosted (not all the way defrosted) defrosted daphnia/ blood worms will sink, where as frozen ones will float.

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1 minute ago, Catfish_Lover_Jane said:

So I should feed it when its frozen?

I'm assuming you dont feed a whole cube. So I would cut it to size, and then let it defrost in the tank. You can place the cube in the feeding ring so he knows its food, as he takes a chomp from it peices will fall to the ground for the corycats.

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I’ll just share what we do for our Bettas...

If you go to WalMart pharmacy counter, and ask if they have a syringe for liquid suspension medicines, they’ll probably give you one. Some pharmacists will try to point out others that are for sale on the racks. They’re garbage devices. You want the WalMart one with the blue plunger. Offer to buy it... but they’ll probably just give it to you. Take that home, and attach a 4-inch piece of airline tube.

Take your frozen food cubes and thaw them completely in a cup of warm water.   Others are right in pointing out that Bettas prefer eating from surface. However, they will also chase sinking food and also sometimes forage around the bottom.

Select the (thawed) frozen daphnia that floats — if any — on the cup surface. Draw that up in your syringe, and feed that very close to where your Betta is swimming. As long as your flow is low (which is preferable in a Betta tank) the daphnia will be easy to discover. 



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