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  1. The white stuff is powdery I've never had a sw or canister before so I'm not sure I was rinsing my filters for the 1st time(new tank) it's also in the job is that normal honestly never had an issue with white powdery accumulation in filters beside hard water in fw tanks
  2. Yes this tank hàs a upgrade in the future maybe I'm kinda getting obsessed
  3. Garlic guard got my husband's fish eating and then he weened him off it to regular nonsoaked food
  4. Yes they are more sensitive to changes in water parameters for my freshwater I just temp acclimate
  5. I have a canister and top filter, protein skimmer and a power head any suggestions on the power head placement (planning on more live rock I had a mystery snail and a couple mystery creatures 1 worm in the sand and 1 red thing with 3 branchs/tubes on the rock come with mine also used live sand)
  6. It cycled quickly and the hermits and cirith are doing well just got my first fish a snowflake eel
  7. There are a lot of tank cabinets that would match the style of your house compromise would be easy I just saw one last week that had hidden all the "ugly" of keeping a tank although I have no idea what the price is me and my husband agree on the tanks we have without coverups
  8. Just saying from my experience if your meds don't work hopefully they do not only for the fish but so you can put the plants in the ich in my tank never responded to meds(after a week of treatment) but after 2 weeks of heat treatment at 86 and aquarium salt they were clear your meds will probly work my fish were also stressed but just in case it doesn't it's an idea
  9. I know it seems kinda dumb to ask but as I've found everyone says something different from their experience so my question is have you noticed a preference in the plants you have for ghost shrimp or do they follow the internet rules of what they like I've never had plants in my tank before but would like to try
  10. It's usually 1 pound per gallon but I've skimped on every tank I've had but also never planted them and everything was fine also have you used that type before
  11. Thanks this took me a good month to get all of the startup stuff like you said it's expensive
  12. Might be right about the water being to soft they like harder water and it could have caused to much stress (my mollies got better after I got the ph back up before that even the seemingly heathy ones died the others had ich)
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