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  1. Reason for the rush is probly because our grandparents used to plop fish in and everything was dandy I think the fish have become more sensitive at least in my opinion I cycle and test now by the way after trying a few times how they did it
  2. Going to high in livestock to quickly creates a new cycle it overloads the tank I did this with snails on my saltwater tank Only reason I caught it was i kept testing and all of a sudden everything was out of wack How many exactly did you add to what size of tank
  3. Sounds like their gills got burned either by chlorine or amonia The pleco I'm not sure one of mine died and looked like that when I was trying to start a chiclid tank and it crashed
  4. I have 1 platy with 9 mollies he doesn't care that he's alone in his species
  5. When I first got him he only at a krill or two now he eats almost a whole ring of squid when he's not on a food strike I love his colors and patterns
  6. Getting to be a big boy long as the tank is tall and a little extra
  7. I know it's corny but I planted my tank
  8. Found a Facebook group for around here just waiting on the acception my ell and trigger might like them but I really don't want to use them as live food
  9. Asked all coworkers and family don't know of any local fish groups and I've never joined craigslist because I don't like joining those sites my cat would enjoy the feeding option she already stole into the tank once somehow Ill try the other sites that allow it though
  10. So I've had babies a while back and the local stores don't have room and the other ones don't take them till a certain size I tried Facebook but they don't allow it wouldn't be a big deal but the tank is only 6.5 gallons and there are 8 babies that are getting bigger and 1 Mollie adult and 1 swordtail adult(although still small)
  11. Definitely consider cost though many people just gradually get everything then start it up even after though depending on tank size the price racks up for salt and filtration (salt is about 50 every few months and filtration is about 20-30 depending on the month) I think I've spent at least 250 in just rock and sand and I still don't have enough rock not to discourage it but just to make sure you know what your getting into I still am upgrading my tank and and wish that I knew more when I started and had the end setup first
  12. Tap is through rodi system great for the freshwater tank not so much for the saltwater thanks for the tip on the chemiclean I want to do it now but am just waiting until the fresh wound heals(I will in a few days though) I don't like the thought of vodka dosing especially with that post but I'm at a loss of what to do until I get the rest of the plants and wait for them to work like I said only nitrates keep climbing
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