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Found 6 results

  1. My main display tank is a 125 planted community tank that's been setup for about 3 months. It looks like this (with some minor additions/rearranging). Stocking is as follows: 13-ish Red Wag Platies 20-ish Neon Tetras 11 Rummy Nose Tetras 20 Colombian Tetras 8 Boesemani Randowfish 4 Albino Bristlenose Plecos 4-ish Panda Corys 1 Dalmatian Molly 1 Amatitlania Nanolutea (A peaceful community cichild that I've heard called a "Gold Convict") I've recently noticed that the Neon and Rummynose Tetras all kind of congregate in one area of the tank and don't venture too far outside that area, even though they have an entire 6ft tank to swim in. The Neons stay pretty much in the pearlweed under the curved log on the right hand side and the Rummynose pretty much stay in the front right corner in front of the log on the bottom. They come out normally to eat and everything, but otherwise seem to spend their time in those two areas. I'm not positive that either one of them were all that active before, but I definitely remember the Rummynose going back and forth across the whole tank quite a bit. I had a Neon die on me the other day and I'm hoping it was just a fluke and not a matter of stress. My first instinct is to say that they're being bullied and forced into that area, but I really don't know who the culprit would be. The most recent additions are the Rainbows/Plecos about 2 weeks ago and the Colombians about 4 weeks ago. It's my understanding that Rainbows are super peaceful and shouldn't bother anyone. Colombians can have a reputation for being a bit nippy, but I've never observed any of this behavior and they should all be from similar geographic regions and should be compatible. The Gold Convict is very peaceful and I've never seen him messing with anyone. Is it just a matter of plant cover or an area to feel safe? Is it a matter of light? I have very dim lights that are on most of the day and then a brighter plant light that turns on for 4 hours a day in the afternoon, but I've never noticed a difference in behavior in lights on/lights off times. What would anyone recommend as a course of action? I have several other thanks that are empty that I could pull some out and throw into if I needed to, but honestly, I'd rather use those as originally planned. Anybody have any insight here?
  2. Got an odd fish behavior question for some more experienced gourami keepers. On March 24th, I brought home 3 pearl gourami. Two girls and one boy. They're currently the only inhabitants in a heavily planted 40 breeder. They were shy for a week or so, but eventually came around and would hang by the surface waiting for food and eat brine shrimp straight out of a dropper. Everything seemed to be going well. They were healthy, eating and generally hanging out all over the tank. Cut to 5 days ago, and they've suddenly become incredibly shy. Sometimes, if I come into the room too quickly, they'll spaz out swimming around the tank to hide. They spend all day at the very back of the tank underneath a large amazon sword or huddled in the back corner. Since they live in my office, I know they haven't had any traumatic experiences with people. Based on the glimpses I can get of them, they still look healthy. They're just always hiding. When I noticed the behavior, I checked the water and everything is normal, 0/0/5 nh3/no2/no3. I don't have any experience keeping gourami other than these guys, so maybe I'm overreacting to a normal behavior change. I've adjusted the light to give them a larger, dimmer space without any impact. I've considered adding my large school of CPD to the tank to provide some dither fish, but since things are a bit wonky in there I'm hesitant to make changes. Any thoughts or advice?
  3. One month ago I had put in 10 caridina (red and white) Shrimp into my community tank with 10 cardinal tetras and 1 bristle-nose pleco. I have not seen them very often only about 2 at time if I am lucky. I have a small rock mass in the middle of tank a big piece of wood. I haven’t seen any shrimp bodies in my tank and my lid pretty tight. Is there any way they could have gotten eaten? Is there any way I get the 2 that I have seen to come out of hiding.
  4. I just got my nerite snails and 11 Rili shrimp. The first day the shrimp were all over the place exploring but its been two days and now I struggle to find them. I haven't found any bodies so I know their alive. Is this normal?
  5. I used to think it was weird that people would say "I think I have 6 of those fish". Then I put khuli loaches in a very heavily planted tank. I don't see them all at the same time for weeks. But that made sense. Today I couldn't find the 3rd Electric Blue Acara. I can tell them apart. I knew who was missing. There are very few hiding places since the driftwood is still floating on the surface in that tank. I fed--still no fish. I moved the floating driftwood--no fish. I checked behind the sponge filters and under the heaters. Behind all the plants. 5 minutes later, there were 3 electric blue acaras cleaning up the remnants of the food. HOW? Do you have any mystery dissapearing fish?
  6. Apparently this mystery snail wants to hide under my coop moss. He keeps moving it around. Should I try to anchor it down or just leave it be?
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