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Found 5 results

  1. Hi all,I’ve recently stocked my aquarium with a dozen(12) rummy nose tetras in a community planted tank. This is the first time I’m keeping them and did all the research and hours upon hours of youtube videos to understand how to take care of them.It has been about 30 hours since I got them, and I’m now down to 5, with another one of them likely going soon.I got them from a local fish store which I trust and have bought from before, they take care of their fish well and I have never had any issues aside from one time that one of my betta’s came with/got ich.I’ve seen with the ones that have passed that they all kept losing balance, only one of their side(arm) fins were flapping and constantly swimming on their side or upside down. Eventually they would land on a plant leaf or substrate and continued breathing until they eventually stopped and lost their colour. Most had bloated/big bellies, with 2 of them that have passed having normal sized bellies. Which I suspect with the online readings is a swim bladder issue.I acclimated all the fish for roughly an hour an a half, first by floating the bag for 20 mins then slowly adding water bottlecap by bottlecap into their bag.All the other fish in the tank, which I got on the same day, 2 Black Mollies and 4 Julii Corydoras seem fine, swimming happily and exploring and eating fine. Also to point out that none of the rummy nose tetra have eaten since I got them. Have tried micro pellets, flakes, live baby brine shrimp and live moina (water fleas/kutu air), they dont seem to be interested at all. The food all end up either sinking to the bottom where the corys eat them or stay floating where the mollies eat them.So I have no clue what’s going on and can’t find much answers to this issue. All of them have their red noses when the balance loss thing happened. I’ve attached some pictures of the fish that is currently experiencing this. The fish circled in yellow is the same fish in all the pictures.Current tank setup as below, I am using test strips so there are ranges in some of the chemical readings.10.2 gallon tank (60cmx28cmx23cm), have been cycled for over 2 months with fancy guppies previously stocked.Water changes previously once a week, 30%Ammonia: 0NO2: 0NO3: Between 10-25CL2: 0TCL: 0GH: Between 25-50KH: Between 0-40pH: Between 6.4-6.8Temperature: 26 Degrees CelsiusUsing API Ammonia test kit & Yee 7-in-1 Aquarium test strips to test the water.If anyone has any idea what is wrong with them do let me know, kinda tired of burying a fish in my garden every hour.Thanks!
  2. My main display tank is a 125 planted community tank that's been setup for about 3 months. It looks like this (with some minor additions/rearranging). Stocking is as follows: 13-ish Red Wag Platies 20-ish Neon Tetras 11 Rummy Nose Tetras 20 Colombian Tetras 8 Boesemani Randowfish 4 Albino Bristlenose Plecos 4-ish Panda Corys 1 Dalmatian Molly 1 Amatitlania Nanolutea (A peaceful community cichild that I've heard called a "Gold Convict") I've recently noticed that the Neon and Rummynose Tetras all kind of congregate in one area of the tank and don't venture too far outside that area, even though they have an entire 6ft tank to swim in. The Neons stay pretty much in the pearlweed under the curved log on the right hand side and the Rummynose pretty much stay in the front right corner in front of the log on the bottom. They come out normally to eat and everything, but otherwise seem to spend their time in those two areas. I'm not positive that either one of them were all that active before, but I definitely remember the Rummynose going back and forth across the whole tank quite a bit. I had a Neon die on me the other day and I'm hoping it was just a fluke and not a matter of stress. My first instinct is to say that they're being bullied and forced into that area, but I really don't know who the culprit would be. The most recent additions are the Rainbows/Plecos about 2 weeks ago and the Colombians about 4 weeks ago. It's my understanding that Rainbows are super peaceful and shouldn't bother anyone. Colombians can have a reputation for being a bit nippy, but I've never observed any of this behavior and they should all be from similar geographic regions and should be compatible. The Gold Convict is very peaceful and I've never seen him messing with anyone. Is it just a matter of plant cover or an area to feel safe? Is it a matter of light? I have very dim lights that are on most of the day and then a brighter plant light that turns on for 4 hours a day in the afternoon, but I've never noticed a difference in behavior in lights on/lights off times. What would anyone recommend as a course of action? I have several other thanks that are empty that I could pull some out and throw into if I needed to, but honestly, I'd rather use those as originally planned. Anybody have any insight here?
  3. Thursday 9/2/2021 This will be my first experience with breeding an egg scattering fish. Only started researching them on 8/31/2021 Tuesday, very late night. Will be documenting all phases; research, testing, set up, parent selection, spawning, birth, fry care, grow out, and placement in show tank. RESERCH 8/31 Read 2 different care guides after google search. Not an abundance of material on rummynose specifically. May need to find more info on egg scatters in general. Watched video by Teds fishroom, interesting video but it was all about a technique for a breeding tank set up where he removes bottom from 5G adds mesh and places inside a 10G, for now will not be using this method. 9/1 watched video from LRB aquatics showed how to make a mesh basket, for a breeder box. Fairly sure I will be using this technique, not exactly his set up but very similar. Also watched video by Marks Aquatics again very interesting video and will certainly be using a lot of tips from this.NEED TO REWATCH!! Started checklist 9/2 testing water seasoned tank as close to set up as possible; hardness=300+ Buffer=220 PH= 8.1 spring water (out of bottle)hardness =100 seems high, buffer=0-20 really low?, PH 6.4 verry nicce added air stone and heater to water will test again in 24 hours.
  4. I have a 29 gal established tank. I’ve got 5 rummy nose and they’ve begun nipping a med sized Angel. It’s a planted tank with plenty of hides. Do I need a larger group of rummys to stop aggression.
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