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  1. Not sure what they are Xena ( red Oscar it’s the one being the aggressor) and shadow( tiger Oscar) being chilled. On side note my girlfriend named the fish while I was at work and she was not thrilled about me getting fish tanks now it’si better figure out wassup with the fish babies or else lol I hope just have a frisky Oscar thanks
  2. My Oscar’s been together for over a year and got along ok with some mild bumping but now they straight open mouth jaw locking fights going on is this normal? I moved them from a60 gallon to a130 gallon . My red Oscar pushes the fight with my tiger , that leave my other fish alone. I test my water to make sure they not stressed and all my numbers are good thank you
  3. Thank you all, glad to be here. I love the shelf above tank also till time to clean tank and have to move it off so can attach plants ,ect. lol my drama queens get destructive now and then
  4. I can relate to that drive I drive 2 hours to a decent fish store in South Carolina
  5. Asheville North Carolina here actually outside of it but close enough
  6. Oh boy I don’t know about pleco and I have 2 large ones in my 130 gallon is this a bad thing?
  7. Hello all, newbie here to fish world I have 2 tanks,a 80 and just got my 130 gallon, ,130 gallon have 2 Oscar’s and 2 smallish cats and 2 big bottom feeder in i moved from a 60 gallon and my 80 I have African chilids , I’m hoping to figure out what plants to put in tank with my drama queens (my Oscar’s) I don’t really want to put in the sump box under the tank lol but anyway great to have joined up here thanks Brent
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