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  1. Thanks so much! The left side has some Val but it hasn't been doing to well for me. The rest is Sag, there's a couple of small crypts, and the swords. Really wanted to get some Val going and let it get long and shade the tank some. Got the Val from the COOP and I've heard some say I might have better luck getting some locally.
  2. I tried to go with stuff I thought would make it. Also the Lethrinops are pretty chill for African Cichlids and so far so good. I love having the green in there I just think it makes the tank more of environment.
  3. These are Haplochromines from Lake Malawi. Commonly referred to as Haps or just African Cichlids.
  4. Got that same Galanz fridge a few weeks ago sodas and frozen fish foods! 🐟
  5. Just wanted to hop on and share my COOP inspired Lethrinops Mbasi species only planted tank. Really enjoying how its coming a long and owe a lot to Cory and the COOP for that.
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