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  1. thanks so much! I kinda figured that but i wasn't sure i didnt want to introduce any sick fish. they were swimming around kinda wonky but otherwise seemed ok so I'll keep it for now i think
  2. Just picked these guys up from the lfs and noticed this one has some sort of lump on one side... before adding them to the tank is this safe? Or should I go ask for another cory??
  3. I am unsure when it appeared... it must have been recently though since i watch my tanks every day after work to calm down and get ready for bed. but as said its gone. i am going to keep her in quarentine for a few more days to keep an eye on her though
  4. Great news! (?) the bump seems to have dissappeared today... I got home and checked out Merlot n the quarentine tank and she still has her strrss stripes but i cant see the weird growth at all! and i was finally gonna try and take more pictures... ah well that said i did water test, i can't get a good photo of the water vials that shows the colour but i have 0 ammonia 0 nitrite 20 nitrate. and i have somewhere around 30 GH and 40 KH and 7.8 pH. my city gets its water from our lake so it has plenty of good minerals. Merlot here is really young though, i got her at approx 3-5 months old and shes been in my care for 3 months now... I know its a long shot with the photo but i can tell you it was Hard almost like a barnacle.. i poked it with a toothpick to see if it was food originally. it also was only the one. if anyone has any idea what it is I would appreciate knowing. Also she is in a community tank with 6 mosquito rasboras and 5 pygmy cories.. i still haven't seen anything but would somthing like this be contagious?
  5. Unfortunately I can not get the med trio in Canada which is why i need help identifying it.. i can try again in the morning because that one picture took me 20 minuites to capture... poor Merlot will never trust the tweezers ever again after how i used them to coral her to the front. She hates being observed, which is why her stress stripes are up... I will also definitely test my water. i just got off the night shift at work and am Exaughsted 😪
  6. Bettaboiii

    Ich or..?

    Hello everyone, I was watching my fish tank after work today when i noticed Merlot has this white bump on the side of her face... she seems fine, active and hungry as ever... none of the other fish in the tank have any spots or anything from what ive seen though they are mosquito rasboras and pygmy cories so i might just not be able to see... I've never dealt with any of my bettas having something like this. she's very special to me i got her as a reject from petsmart when she was frankly much too young to be sold and got her to this point.. I'd appreciate any help, and if needed i can do a water test in the morning.
  7. That tank that failed is so old... that was r years ago and its why I only really do betta tanks now. I'm just hoping for some general advice since I am outta my depth a bit
  8. Hello all, I just got a 25 gallon aquarium and i decided that after 4 years distance from the Disaster that was my first guppy tank I want to try breeding livebearers again! I have been looking up things online to try and decide what livebearer you go with. Guppies are Way more plentiful where I am, with swordtails being the next biggest in stores. I am personally interested in either Veriatus platies or trying out guppies again... I am apprehensive about guppies since even though I did my research last time it ended in a massacre out of the Blue and I can't handle that type of loss again. But thats where you lovely people come in! I am hoping that you all might have some tips and tricks to tell me as well as help me figure out which fish to get. i like the look of veriatus platies but they are hard to find around here but i also like that guppies are a bit smaller. The problem is I have no clue why my last guppy tank failed, one male just became super agressive and became the sole survivior in the tank over the course of 3 days. that was a 10 gallon though so it may have just been the size? a shame i just had got my first generation fry.... But anyways I've rambled on long enough! I would love to take a real departure from only doing betta tanks so I really appreciate the help!
  9. I Do actually use my own aloe from a plant to the water! I do it two ways, the easiest being cutting a leaf cutting down the middle and adding it to the aquarium whole. fish love rubbing up against it, especially corys! this way you can add it and remove it without mixing it with the water. the other way I do it cause I'm weird and extra is when I make black water to add to my tanks by boiling catappa leaves I'll add some of the sap raw as well and then strain the mixture through a cheese cloth. I Don't know for certain this method actually Does anything but hey it definitely doesn't hurt!
  10. Genuinely as far as the shyness goes she probably is just settling in still. most fish, especially wild caught ones, see big shadows cross the water and hide because it could be a predator. as you chill around the tank and she notices that the big scary shadow doesn't really do anything she'll become more brave. Just be patient! as for the stocking questions I really wouldn't know. someone more qualified can answer that one lmao
  11. thank you all for the suggestions! @lefty o i live in Canada and thus no easy green for me 😞 amazon is all out and it says we don't know when it will be back. I have seen both Thrive+ by NilocG and seachem flourish in stores alongside other products i Never hear mentioned so figure they're bung... any opinions on which one to use instead?
  12. So where i live i have Incredibly hard water since we get it from the lake in my city. the fish do Great in it and i'm very lucky to live in the same sewer district as my fave lfs so our water is Identical. plants are doing well too, but i'd love to give them a boost. However i really don't know how to approach fertilizing with hard water... i feel like it would mess with the water chemistry and depending on whats already in the water, it may even end up overdosing something. of course i may be over thinking this cause i haven't really seen anything either way, i just am nervous since most people talk about
  13. @AnimalNerd98 Thank you so much! Theres gotta be some out there its jut a matter of finding them. I'm jealous of those americans with their local aquarium clubs and such lol the mts is acting up fierce though i keep peeking at facebook marketplace and that is a Mistake theres so many cool tanks on there
  14. I am the youngest on the team so i am always Boy regardless. maybe when i'm one of the old custodians i'll evolve into aquaman
  15. Hello! Brand new here, but I've been keeping fish for most of my childhood and recently got back I to it hardcore with the help of live aquarium plants! already have 3 tanks going and am hoping to add one more 20 gallon before capping myself off for good 🤣 i didn't even mean to keep the 3.5 gallon it was just a grow out tank but... such is the way theres No hobby scene here so i've been desperately trying to find places where no one will care about me rambling about my fish. My coworkers are very understanding and let me talk at them but that Has netted me the nickname Fish boy lmao
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