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Found 7 results

  1. I've had this angelfish for over 2 years and just about a year ago he started producing a lot of slime coat so much that he was shedding it I've never touched him and he acts just fine
  2. i have an Aloe Vera house plant, and some times parts get broken off on accident or for some other reason, i was wondering if the sap inside the plant is beneficial for the fish's slime coat. i know several conditioners and products use aloe vera, or at least claim to use to help repair and heal damaged scales or slime coat. i just wanted to know if i can use the plant in the form i have it (just by extracting the sap from the plant, like squeezing/milking the plant}. or do i have to treat or process the sap in some way, so its not toxic or harmful to my fish. thanks.
  3. Is this fungus on my kuhli loach? Any advise on treatment? Thanks! This is my first experience with kuhli loaches.
  4. Last night I noticed this white spot. Is it a fungus infection? Would this treat what it is? My ammonia and nitrite are 0, nitrates are 10, ph 7.6, temp 78.6.
  5. Hi all, I have a male gold dust Molly that has slowly developed a white film on his body. He comes out to eat but often hides the rest of the day. I noticed that the large female gold dust mollies that I have often chase him around and bother him. This has been going on for over a month. He doesn’t have spots like Ich and he doesn’t have fuzzy growth. Just a white film on his body especially behind his head. What do you think this is? All other fish (around 30) in the community tank are fine. pH 8.2 GH 75 KH 300 Ammonia and nitrite - 0 Nitrate - 10-20 Water temp is 77 F Thanks for your help.
  6. Hi I have 8 Panda corys. Two of them have issues First one developped a white coat on it. It is visible when you look at on specific angles. What this could be, and what would be the treatment. We do not have your med trio over here. Is it fungus? The second one has his chest sunken in from both sides. it is like this since I got him, its been three months. I thought it might be internal parasites but, it is active eating well growing well and its poop iooks normal. any idea? pH: 7.0 Nitrates:10-20 ppm Hardness: 10 dH Nitrite:0 Ammonia:0 KH/Buffer:7 dh Water Temperature: 25 degre celsius
  7. Hey all! I got a group of Emperor Tetras in yesterday. Today one has developed this... spot, on its body. It is breathing rapidly but is also nibbling on stuff so that tells me its appetite isn't gone. I'm at a loss for what it could be. The fish are in quarantine in a very established tank kept running for quarantine and hospital. I've dosed the tank with Ich X, EM Erythromycin, and General Cure. Temp is 78 degrees. Any advice?
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