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  1. That’s what I was thinking I just got paranoid because I also have petricola with my kribs that I debated moving until I read that it was a bad idea.
  2. So basically my question is if I have a small colony of multis would I need to worry about upside down catfish eating all the fry. Upside down cats being synodontis nigriventris I believe. I know it could be an issue with other synodontis but to my understanding these guys seem less of an issue?
  3. This was a tank which I got rid of a while ago and I’m just now in a position to try shrimp again. The tank in question though had been running 3-4 months before any shrimp were added mainly housing quarantine fish and snails that were permanent residents. If I try again I’ll let the crypts grow out in my betta tank for a couple months and once I think there’s sufficient plant cover I’ll get a small colony, just looking to see if my water was the issue or if it might have been something else.
  4. So this is a tank that I tore down about 8 months ago after it crashed. But when the shrimp were added it had been running for roughly 3-4 months as an on off quarantine tank and snail refuge. Long enough that all the plants were overgrown and jungle like. I was posting this mainly because I’m now in a position to try shrimp again and wanted some either encouragement or someone to tell me not to.
  5. Thank you! When I lost them I have a sneaking suspicion that there might have been a bacterial infection of some sort as I didn’t exactly get them in the best of condition anyways.
  6. Shrimp are kind of a white whale thing for me currently as I’ve tried keeping them twice but didn’t succeed either time. The first time I believe was due to molting issues and the second was really unexplained. My water is very hard at about 17 degrees gh and 15 kh. Now the first time I used only my water and lost all the shrimp and did see molting issues. The second time I used 50/50 RO to my water. I still lost all the shrimp and still saw molting issues although less. I did daily tests with the second batch and was sitting around 8-9 gh and 7 kh. Has anyone ever kept neocardinia in hard water. If so what were your experiences?
  7. Thanks for the reply! Mine are already acclimated to fresh water as I’ve had them in a quarantine tank for a month now with no issues and they were sold in freshwater to me. I’m mostly curious about personality in comparison to splendens. If they are aggressive i will probably shy away from smaller cyprinids and get a bottom dweller that will stay out of their way. If they aren’t well then I really wanna try keeping them with the badis or maybe pygmy gouramis. Of course if there are any issues I’ll separate them but since these guys are already picky eaters I could keep them with other normally picky fish and ease feeding for myself and have cool unique fish together.
  8. I recently bought a pair of betta mahachaensis and I’m looking for some ideas on tank mates within a 15 gallon. Currently I’m considering trying scarlet badis, pencilfish, or a small schooling fish like ember tetras and just wanted some general advice since I’ve never kept this type of betta before.
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